What Should You Do If Your Hair Gets Damaged From Using Defective Products

When you buy hair products like chemical hair relaxers for use. They often come with guidelines that are meant to be followed. This is why caution must be exercised when using any products.

But, there are times that even when these guidelines are followed, accidents still happen. This usually occurs when the hair product is defective. It is vital you know what to do when your hair becomes damaged due to using defective hair products.

If you don’t, then read on below to find out what must be done when you use defective hair products that cause damage.

Document your injuries

When an incident happens due to a defective hair product, it would be best to document your injuries immediately. Documentation with digital photographs is a good way to record what happened to you.

Also, if you sought medical assistance for your injuries, then it would be best to get a copy of the treatment plan, diagnosis, and summary. This will be very helpful to your injury lawyer during a consultation.

If you have experienced hair loss or show signs of uterine cancer, then it is vital to consult with a personal injury attorney. Their role is to help file a claim for the case. Additionally, every document showing proof of ownership of the product should be kept.

If possible, you can find the paperwork for the product receipt, warranty, or other documents added to the product. Doctor prescriptions are also very important in cases involving chemical hair relaxers.

Keep the product

When a company recalls a product, they usually recommend throwing away the defective one. Sometimes, they even ask for the product to be sent to an agent for disposal.  But, it is quite common for companies to release defective products and also fail to recall them.

This occurs even after many people have been hurt by the product.  So, unless the defective product poses a danger to you and your family, it would be best that you hold on to the product.

After being able to keep the defective product, it would be best that you can safely store it till you can hand it to your lawyer. In most cases, you can easily store it in a box. You can also take additional precautions if it is an electrical device or a product that can hurt a child.

Having possession of the product ensures that your lawyer can examine it with help from experts. This will help them determine the nature of the defect, how it might have occurred, and also other important elements of the case.

Talk to a lawyer

The lawyer would provide the best advice on what should be done with the product. Before returning the chemical hair relaxer to the manufacturer, consult with your lawyer.

If you used the relaxer from a hotel and were injured in the process, the hotel might have some liability in this case. Also, expert hair relaxer compensation lawyers will file for a case and how to proceed through the court system.

The issue of the party responsible for the defect is one of the complexities that plague product liability litigation. Many products go through several steps before they enter the market. It starts from design to the manufacturing of components to assembly, sales, and marketing.

Many companies might have been involved in the supply chain. So, it is the role of the lawyer to  find out where the negligence which caused the injuries occurred. With thorough and prompt investigation, your lawyer can find the party or parties liable for your injuries.

Provide proof of negligence

Proof usually varies based on the specific incidence of negligence that is applied. The major negligence allegation in product liability cases usually includes the product defect itself. It can also include the product design defect, or the company’s failure to provide the right instructions for proper usage.

So, when a product is deemed suspicious, the product or what is left of it must be kept till legal advice is gotten. It would be very hard to prove that a product is defective if there are no remains.


Every consumer expects that the product they buy would be effective and also safe. Manufacturers place many regulations to protect the safety of consumers who use their products.

These safety products are meant to keep ineffective and dangerous products from getting to consumers. Defective products are dangerous and can harm people.

When this happens, the consumer can seek compensation. This can happen when a defective product comes into the market due to a person’s negligence.