What Quit-smoking Products You Can Use to Cope with Nicotine Withdrawal?

Want to quit smoking? Then you should consider using some quit-smoking products to help you stop consuming cigarettes. Because studies show that the main reason smokers fail to quit is that they can’t stand withdrawal reactions. And using effective quit-smoking aids can greatly boost the chances of success.

According to the investigation, there are only 5% of people successfully stop smoking without using cigarette alternatives. Many have achieved success with the help of quit-smoking products.

Therefore, if you want to successfully stop smoking, you can choose one type of quit-smoking product from some reliable brands like NIOO.

As a professional nicotine product supplier, NIOO Labs provides many effective tobacco-free products to help smokers quit cigarettes.

There are various quit-smoking products in the market. Here is a list of several effective aids you can choose from.

1. Skin patches

How it works: Nicotine patches are small, self-adhesive patches. You can stick it on your skin to obtain a certain amount of nicotine slowly and steadily.

Pros: Skin patches are coming in various doses and are easy to use. The patches can control withdrawal symptoms throughout the day, and also can be used together with other quit-smoking products to maximize effects.

Cons: You can’t get strong nicotine stimulation for the slow nicotine release, which also means you can’t quickly make adjustments for additional cravings. Skin patches may cause series problems like rashes, skin itching, sleeping problems, and irritation.

2. Lozenges and gum

How it works: Both belong to oral nicotine products approved by FDA and they can slowly release nicotine in your mouth.

Pros: Lozenges and gum are available without a prescription. They can be used to cope with sudden cravings or withdrawal symptoms, rapidly delivering a small amount of nicotine, and also used in combination with other aids.

Cons: If you want to control the heavy nicotine addiction that comes in many times, you need to use the product repeatedly in one day, which may cause jaw soreness, mouth irritation, heartburn, hiccups, or nausea.

3. Nicotine pouches

How it works: The oral pouch should be placed between the gums and upper lips, and then it will release nicotine that is transmitted by the bloodstream to your body. The effect may last for 30-60 minutes.

Pros: It is discreet to use and can provide you with more intensive nicotine stimulation than others. With various flavors, the pouches can make your taste buds happy.

Cons: It is not classified by FDA as a smokeless and tobacco-free product. Using nicopods frequently for the long term may cause nausea, sore mouth, hiccups, and other side effects.

4. Tobacco-free HNB products

How it works: When using HNB products, you would inhale smokes that contain nicotine to satisfy your desire.

Pros: The tobacco-free HNB products don’t contain or heat tobacco, healthier than smoking cigarettes. Besides, its natural herbal substance provided by some brands like NIOO can minimize the damage to your body.

Cons: Inhaling smoke may damage your lungs and cause a series of lung diseases.


High-quality quit-smoking products can play a key role in avoiding nicotine withdrawal. And they can soothe your nicotine cravings and withdrawal reactions. With the list of popular quit-smoking products, you can choose the most proper solution according to your situation.

In the end, if you have no idea on what brands you could trust, you can choose high-quality tobacco-free products from NIOO. With nicotine pouches, lozenges, and herbal HNB products, NIOO offers various options! All its products are monitored by NIOO Labs, which lays a solid foundation to ensure high quality. With advanced technology, NIOO Labs has developed many effective quit-smoking products that sell well across the world.

Effective quit-smoking products can offer you strong support for cigarette cessation. Select one and begin to quit for a healthier life!