What Kind Of Books Are Suitable For Your Kids? Find Out Here

As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your children and keep them busy with interesting things. Everyone wants their kids to be smart and intelligent in life. However, we cannot do this without providing them with an environment that can help them grow well and learn new things while entertaining them at the same time. However, not all types of books are suitable for kids. In this article, we will provide you with a list of top children’s book genres and the best african american children books that are fun and engaging for your child.

Fairytales And Fables

Fairy tales are the most popular types of children’s books which are also known as fables. However, horror and dark folklore books at Spooky Isles are also a great option. These types of stories are very popular in the UK because they contain morals and lessons which children can easily learn from while being entertained by the colorful images and illustrations. According to some of the best children’s book publishers in the UK, fairytale writers are now adding more educational content to these tales to make them effective learning tools for children, aiming to teach kids life lessons interestingly. They should be written in a way that does not bore children while also keeping them engaged throughout their reading session. Most of these books have been passed down from generations before us, some going as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. However, these books are usually adapted for children by making slight changes in their plots but keeping the main idea intact.


Comic books are very popular among children because of their alluring illustrations and short stories. There is a lot of action in these books that kids love to follow. At the same time, these types of books also teach them about life lessons through different characters. You can find hundreds of comic books for kids online. Check out some online comic book stores like Deb Comics. Here you will find quality graphic novels with various interesting themes like superheroes, sports, fantasy, mystery, etc. The characters in these books are very relatable and many children get attached to them. Don’t forget to check out the comic book subscription for kids offers. This will give your child a new comic every month delivered right to their doorsteps.

Juvenile Fiction Books

The next type of children’s book that you should read is a juvenile fiction book. These types of books have a story plot which is usually written keeping in mind the age group from 9 years to 15 years old. The main focus of writing this genre of book is making it interesting while not going over the head of young readers too much. Here, images play an important role as they add value to the text making it more appealing for kids between 12-14 years old. These books should be full of suspense and drama to make them more relatable. Reading this kind of book should give your child a sense of achievement as they tend to challenge themselves by going through these books which are targeted at their age group.

Small Children’s Books

Small kids’ book is the best type of children’s literature for 3-5-year-olds. The stories in this type of book are very simple so that they can engage children easily with colorful images, rhymes, and less text on each page. The main idea behind writing this type of book is to keep engaging your child throughout its reading so that he/she learns new things while also having fun with interesting illustrations. At the same time, the book must be written in a way that it can hold your child’s attention throughout its reading. A big part of children’s books is based on rhymes, songs, and jingles which are helpful for young readers to learn new alphabets while being entertained.

Bedtime Stories With Illustrations

This is one of the most popular types of children’s literature because kids love listening to bedtime stories at night before going to bed. The illustrations play an important role here as they help them drift off faster by keeping their imagination working towards building upon these images. The main idea behind writing this type of book is to keep the story short and sweet so that your child stays focused throughout reading it without getting distracted easily by other things. The most important thing to consider while selecting a book for your child is its appeal. Kids love stories with colorful images and interesting illustrations which help them relate to the story easily. So, you should select books with such quality graphics.

Encyclopedic Books For Kids

This is one of the most popular children’s literature genres as it provides kids with knowledge about different things in this world. Encyclopedic books contain information about every kind of thing like history, geography, science, environment, animals, and many other important topics. These types of books make learning fun as they contain interesting facts and figures which can be used by children as trivia questions for quizzes and tests later on in life. The books must be written in a way that it is not over the head of children. They should be able to understand everything easily without much help from their parents. The text in these types of books should be kept at a minimum so that they can learn new things while being entertained with colorful images and illustrations.

Drawing And Coloring Books

This is one of the most popular types of children’s literature which usually consists of single-page drawings followed by empty pages for kids to draw on their adding colors according to their imagination. This helps them build upon these images, think about how they would have drawn certain scenes differently if they were drawing them themselves. Encouraging your child to work out things through the coloring book on his/her own will help boost his/her brainpower by teaching him/her to think logically and critically about certain things. Although, it is a good idea to ask your child the names of different objects along with their colors to help them identify shapes and form an association between these images flexing his/her memory muscles effectively.

Drawing And Coloring Books



What Can We Learn from Reading Children’s Books?

Certain children’s books are passed down from one generation to the next because their lessons are timeless. If you’re tired of negative words or the world, picking up a children’s book could be the perfect remedy. Even when examined through the lens of our adult lives, they are rich with life lessons that can provide us with much-needed insight that is valuable for readers of any age.

There are many types of children’s literature that you can choose from depending on your kid’s interest. Have a look at some popular recommendations for ‘young adult realistic’ books and you will find plenty of options. Some kids love listening to bedtime stories while some enjoy reading encyclopedic books provided they contain interesting illustrations and images. It is important to keep in mind which type of book would be liked by your child while picking one for him/ her. So next time you are wondering what kind of books to buy your kids, do some research on the different types mentioned above, consider their interest and select the perfect one accordingly.