What is the Difference Between a Gas and Electric Stove?

Are you trying to learn the difference between a gas and electric stove? If yes, you should check out our comparative guide right here.

Believe it or not, there’s more that goes into cooking than just quality food and tasty seasonings. The stove that you use also plays a part in how the meals are cooked because it alters the way the food is prepared.

Not to mention, some people simply have a preference for the type of appliance they prefer to use. If you need help understanding the difference between a gas or electric range stove, the information below can help you figure it out.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are powered by natural gas which is usually either propane or butane. Unlike electric stoves, the gas version produces flames that are used to heat the pots and pans.

Plus, the temperature is adjusted based on the size of the fire the higher the flame, the hotter the temp and the smaller the flame, the lower the temp.

Not to mention, gas stoves require a gas line connection to your home and depending on where you reside, that might not be possible. The advantage of an electric vs gas stove is that electricity is found in every region, as long as there’s power within the home.

Electric Stoves

Nowadays there are two types of surfaces for electric stoves. Traditionally, electronic stoves consisted of black coils that heated based on the temperature. However, in more recent years, the newer models are designed with flat surfaces instead of the old-school coils.

The primary difference between a gas stove vs electric stove is the heating method. Both of them offer pros and cons, but there are other factors to take into consideration.


No matter which stove you choose, you have to be careful while operating it. However, gas stoves are slightly more dangerous because of the flames. If you accidentally leave a towel on the stove, a fire can catch quicker then if it were on an electric stove.

Furthermore, not turning a gas burner completely off causes the flames to reduce but the gas to continue to flow out, causing your home to fill with gas fumes.


When it comes to cleaning a gas vs electric stove, the latter is better. The coils and drip pans on an electric stove are easily removed for cleaning, whereas it’s gas counterpart is a little more difficult.

It doesn’t take a lot to wipe down either one of them, but modern appliances have a greater advantage. Flat top stoves are super easy to clean because the surface is completely smooth, and it doesn’t require any parts to be removed.


For some people, choosing between a gas and electric stove boils down to how well the food is cooked. Because of the flames, gas stoves tend to cook meals better and more evenly than their electric counterparts.

Also, some folks notice an improved taste in the food that’s prepared on gas stoves.


Another big difference between a gas and electric stove is that electric appliances save more energy. Only 40% of energy is transferred to food when using a gas range.

On the other hand, electric ranges transfer 74%. If you’re big on energy efficiency, an electric stove might be the better option for you.


The price you pay for an electric vs gas stove depends on the retailer and the cost of home appliances at that time. Electronic stoves are more modern, so they are in demand and generally less expensive. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a reasonably priced gas stove as well.

Gas and Electric Stove Options: Which Brand to Choose?

Now that you’ve gotten clarity on the difference between a gas and electric stove, you might be wondering which brand to buy. There are several manufacturers to choose from and picking the best one might be a bit challenging.

However, the main thing to focus on is what it has to offer instead of the brand. Take into consideration everything you’re looking for in a stove, then decide from there.

Here are some suggestions:


Pick a stove that’s in your budget; expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better, so choose wisely. If you can find a stove in your price range, go for it. As long as the quality is up to par, it’s fine.


Another factor to think about is the style and color of the appliance does it match your kitchen? You don’t want to purchase a white stove because it’s on sale, but it doesn’t match the decor.

Bells and Whistles

Try to find an appliance that has the features you’re looking for. If you get too caught up on a certain brand, you might miss out on getting the stove you really want!

Understandably, there are so many factors that go into the stove-buying process, and picking a brand throws in an additional curveball.

Heating Up the Kitchen

Your stove is one of the most important appliances in your home; it helps to feed your family and comes in handy during the holidays. Choosing between a gas and electric stove doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and we hope this information helps you decide which is best for you.

Ultimately, both appliances have something to offer, and as with everything, there are pros and cons for both. The most important thing is that you continue to you to make delicious meals that are nutritious and satisfying.

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