What is the design-build method?

Once considered the alternative, design-build is now becoming one of the most popular avenues for the construction of new buildings. This is because this approach is completely transparent and allows all teams to communicate with one another with full disclosure. Everyone becomes unified under aligned goals, making the construction process much easier.

What is the design-build method?

To understand the design-build method, you can see it as a multi-disciplinary team coming together under one umbrella. Design-build teams work as one organization, as opposed to separate sectors.

How Does Design-Build Work?

When a design-build group gets started on a project, it functions as one entity. It only requires one contract, where the entire team is responsible for the whole construction of the building. You would interview different design-build teams to see which group has the best technical experience and education for the right price. This requires a bidding stage where different groups provide you with a quote. Once selected, you work with the team from beginning until the end, with no secrecy throughout every stage of the project.

Why Do People Love Design-Build?

There were a variety of reasons that owners and team members all found design-build to be a great experience. There was a higher level of creativity due to the collaborative environment that design-build groups create. This improved the problem-solving processes and helped obstacles to be resolved much more smoothly. Everyone in a design-build group was held accountable for all aspects of the projects. That is because they discussed all of the details and worked as a team. Everyone is aware of what is happening in all aspects of the construction. The projects were overall delivered much faster. This is compared to the traditional route of delegating tasks to separate parties and subcontractors to get the job done. Project delays are rarer.

Compared to Traditional Models

Design-build methods were once an alternative to the traditional approach, where typically, you would hire different contractors, subcontractors, equipment rental organizations, and material suppliers. In this instance, the owner is the middle man who has to manage arguments between the designer, the contractor, and other parties. This required multiple contracts, multiple meetings and often resulted in a lot of setbacks. This created a more discordant team because different parties would blame one another for mistakes that occurred. It is easier to bid on companies that follow the traditional model simply because there are more competitors available for you to choose from. However, the efficiency and cost of labor over a longer period of time may not be worth seeking lower bids. That is because the design-build method has far higher time efficiency in comparison. The owner manages only one contract with a design-build team, where the contractor and designer are collaborating together. Every time there is a problem, the team works together to resolve it rather than blaming other parties.

Main Benefits of Design-Build

There is a higher level of project speed for this approach. A delivery schedule is more strictly adhered to. The costs are reduced due to there being a more accurate budget that all team members agree upon. There are fewer mistakes, which also results in quicker processing. A shorter time frame also means that less time is wasted paying hourly fees.

Learn More About Design-Build

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