What Is the Best Venue For a Wedding?

If you struggle to pick the right venue to host your wedding reception, you are not alone. All newlyweds have to perform exhausting research and balance benefits with drawbacks to rent their wedding venue finally. At http://www.vinesoftheyarravalley.com.au/, you can borrow some inspirational ideas about how to plan your best wedding venue.

It would be useful to have a checklist for the desired wedding venues close to you and ready to host your reception. Then, you will be ready to make up your mind about the specific wedding venue that matches what you have planned for your big day.

Find the One With A Suitable Capacity

Not all wedding venues can comfortably house a guest allowance similar to the number of people you intend to invite to your reception. However, it’s not wise to leave significant friends and family out of your guest list or invite more to reach the guests’ threshold imposed by the management. Making compromises requires both sides to be flexible; otherwise, it would be better to seek an alternative venue with a more suitable guests’ capacity.

Ensure the Building and Location Match Your Plans

Couples who love being close to the waterfront should rent wedding venues by the beach. Others who always wanted to enjoy the mountain breeze would be amazed by a wedding venue in an elevated location. The building style and location are the most important things to consider when searching for the perfect wedding venue.

Ask If Your Desired Venue Could Be Customized

Some venue owners are less willing to customize their venue to your theme and style expectations. As a result, it would be best to know upfront if the venue management would accept customization in the colours, shapes, and decorations you want. Otherwise, it’s best to look for another location where the management could better serve your wedding day dreams and aspirations. If you choose a reputable name like Sonoma wedding venue, it will make your special day even more memorable.

Insist on Having a Dedicated Venue Manager

There is no way you can talk to many people during your wedding reception. Therefore, a single and dedicated venue manager should be your top priority when looking for a wedding venue. In addition, your venue manager should act as an account manager to coordinate everything you need. For your special day, it’s a lot better to have one person to talk about all your concerns and needs. It’s impossible to get in touch with the head chef, the DJ, and the photographer at the same time. Leaving an expert to coordinate everything and report to the couple is the right strategy for a successful wedding reception.

Find the Right Venue With Dimmable Lights

Light quality and light effects availability could be the perfect reason to pick one wedding venue over the other. Many fancy wedding venues offer dimmable lights in numerous colours to intrigue potential customers.

Lights can make a difference to your wedding reception since they are controlled by your DJ and call the guests to the dance floor. It’s quite impressive to have dimmable lights following the ups and downs of the music and inviting guests to share the newlyweds’ joy.

The Right Wedding Venue Always Offers Backup Plans

Most couples decide to organize their wedding reception throughout the summer. Even though summer months have relatively fewer chances of unexpected showers, it would be reasonable for your venue manager to have a backup plan in case of adverse weather. Many venues offer sheltered areas to accommodate your guests even when heavy rain threatens to ruin your special day.

One-Stop-Shop Wedding Venues Offer Peace of Mind

The latest trend for the best wedding venue would be offering all-inclusive services. Most successful wedding venues collaborate with caterers, photographers, DJs, decorators, stylists, and bartenders. That gives you the option to enjoy the all-inclusive services of the venue without trying to find each service separately. It’s a wise choice for busy couples who have less time to devote to their wedding reception, without compromising its quality.

Start Your Venue Search Early

Choosing the venue for your marriage is perhaps the first thing you should do to kick off your wedding preparations. Wedding venues tend to get booked a year in advance, if not more, so if you plan on getting married, you need to find a venue and pick a date as soon as possible. 

If you are in a hurry, you probably won’t get to pick a date and will have to go with any of the dates your venue is available. You will also need to consider the weather if you plan on getting married outdoors. Therefore, it is best to pick your venue early so you can iron out other details afterward. 

Enlist a Wedding Planner

Although you may feel like you can plan a wedding by yourself, it is best to take advice from a professional. A wedding planner is essentially a venue visionary who can take your ideas and materialize theme for your wedding day. Instead of trying to work out every single detail by yourself, it is best to hand things over to a professional who knows about the field and will be able to get you the best there is. Most wedding planners know the secrets of getting the perfect venue and can expertly guide you on making the most of it. 

Keep the Limitations in Mind

Most venues are willing to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your wedding vision because they know how special your wedding day is for you. However, some venues have limitations in place, which you should be aware of. For example, some places may have a strict no-live-music policy, and hiring a band would be a waste of money at such venues. Therefore, knowing your limits and working within them is best. 

Remember Your Budget

When choosing your dream venue, it is essential to keep your budget in mind. Ideally, you should allocate around 10 to 15% of your budget to your venue. You can go up to 20% at most, but anything more will likely mean you will have to cut corners in other aspects of your weddings. 

Additionally, you should keep in mind that the venue will not come preset, and you will likely need to spend money on decor and floral designs that will end up driving up the cost. 


Each couple has its concept of the perfect wedding venue. Finding your dream venue is a significant milestone in your wedding project and could alter the date and location of your wedding ceremony. The venue manager is responsible for organizing the event as professionally as possible and offering you every viable solution in case something goes wrong. Pleasing yourself and your guests is what will make your wedding reception memorable.