What is a Moving Pod?

When moving from one house to another, there are several options that you can choose from to be able to move your things. You can hire a moving company, rent a moving truck or van, or opt for a moving pod. If you are not familiar with the third one, we are here to help explain it to you.

Moving pods can offer a great solution for many people who are moving. It will provide you with a big, empty container that you can fill with all the things that you want to bring to your new home. Aside from that, you also have the option to let the company store your things for you for a certain amount of time until your new location is ready. Hiring moving container companies can help you save costs on moving compared to renting a truck. But the only difference is that the companies will be in charge of driving.

If you want to know more about moving pods, read on as we are giving you more information on what they are and how they work.

How Does a Moving Pod Work?

When you hire a moving container company or a moving pod, you will have a large container situated in your driveway. You can fill that container at your leisure, or you can have it for a few days and have the company pick it up and move it to your new home. A moving pod gives you the benefit of not needing to stress yourself about packing everything all at once. Aside from that, it will also allow you to unpack items or store them if needed, especially if your new place is not ready yet.

Long-distance moving pod companies charge based on a similar model to traditional moving companies, which depends on the size of the container you need, how long it will be used, and how far your new location will be. A moving pod is a great option to move, but keep in mind that there are storage container companies that will move the pod from one distance to another but will not load or unload your items. This means that you also need to be wise in choosing a moving podcompany.

What are the Different Moving Pod Companies You Can Hire?

If you will be moving out of your home soon or you need a secure place where you can store some old items, and you’re looking for a moving pod company you can hire, there are many companies you can find. Here are the top moving pods and container companies that you can check.


U-Haul is a moving company that offers a combination of both moving truck rental service and portable moving container service. This is why they are preferred by a lot of people. It offers moving containers called U-Boxes. This company has been reviewed to be the best in local, especially if you are looking for a way to save some cash on your move and if you do not want to drive the truck yourself.

U-Haul uses containers that are made up of wooden material. It is available nationwide to handle local moves and as well as to move a couple of hundred miles away. They are also one of the companies that offer the lowest quotes and fast service delivery.

The only downsides of this company are you have to book in advance, and they do not give refunds for unused containers.

PODS (Portable on Demand Storage)

This company is popularly referred to as PODS. It is one of the best leading moving container and storage company that is equipped with options of containers based on your move. This company can cover both short and long-distance moves. They also offer different innovative designs of containers to make your move comfortable. They also have competitive prices compared to other companies.

However, PODS cannot provide tracking for shipments, and they do not provide loading and unloading assistance. A phone call is also needed to finalize quotes with this company.


This is another great moving container company. It is probably the most efficient moving container company in long-distance moves. It also offers the most affordable national, out-of-state moving container services. It means that if you cannot afford full-service movers, then you can check what U-Pack can offer. They also have an effective tracking system for shipment via their website.

The only downsides of U-Pack are using small containers, no loading assistance, and it is quite expensive for local moves.


This company offers moving and storage containers in the United States and Canada. It has well-constructed moving containers that are designed with additional perks to handle loads for long-distance moves. They have different options for container sizes, from 8-foot to 16-foot for both short and long-distance moves. They also have a 30-day storage package.

The only downsides of this moving company are the limited availability, and a phone call is needed to finalize quotes.

Smart Box

SmartBox is a great company for small moves. For example, if you are moving from a one-bedroom apartment or college dorm, it is a great company for you. Among the companies listed here, this one is the smallest. It also has a price-matching policy, which is considered to be the best for a small move.

The downsides of this company are they only have one size of containers, and they are wooden.


Moving pods are indeed great for those who are looking into moving into a new home soon. It is perfect if you have enough time to pack your things up and you want to do it yourself to keep them safe. We hope the information we shared here helped you further understand what a moving pod is.