What is a Lage Kast Low Cabinet

There are a lot of people who don’t even know what we’re going to talk about in the article, yet you see these items everywhere… they’re called low cabinets. While you may want to still incorporate having your normal storage furniture, you can greatly benefit by having a low cabinet, and we’ll explain why you should include this in your bedroom furniture arsenal. These types of cabinets are also great in other areas of the house as well if they fit your room’s style.

What Exactly Is It?

A low cabinet is basically exactly what it says it is. It’s a smaller cabinet that sits low to the ground, and the they are often shorter than basic cabinets. Also known as lage kast, these items can have doors, or even have a drawer system, and they can be narrow, or they can be of greater lengths to add even more storage space. Other people call them accent cabinets as well.

Why They’re So Great

One of the main things to consider is that when it comes to storing things, they’re an excellent alternative to having to invest in more expensive products, such as bookshelves, entertainment centers, end tables, and they can even be used to house special decorations on top of them.

Pairing an elegantly styled low cabinet with a couple bookends, books, and a flower pot (with flowers of course) are excellent when you’re wanting to have it in the living room or great hall. In the bedroom, these low cabinets make excellent kids storage spaces for things like books, toys, and even clothes, but you can sit items like photos and small lamps on them to give them more of an appeal – and your child would be able to reach them.

Built-In or Standalone

One of the other great things about these lower styled storage cabinets, is that they’re able to often be built into your home’s existing design pretty easy,  or they can pretty much operate like a room divider by having a low storage shelf to divide rooms, yet still give you maximum visibility.

Are they Expensive to Make?

Contrary to belief, having your own low cabinets be made to order can actually benefit you greatly. You can expect the order to be of a reasonable price with the right dealers compared to most other furniture makers that will normally cost more. By having your custom low cabinet designed and manufactured by a real manufacturer rather than paying the same or more expensive price for one that is already pre-made, you can still have that custom piece of furniture you love.


JouwMaatKast makes excellent cabinets for a fraction of the price that other competitors and custom furniture makers can build for you, yet still give you amazing alternatives that look great and can be considered extremely high in elegance and class. You can choose your dimensions on their website, and then calculate how many storage sections you want, and even how many drawers and doors you want for the ultimate experience, and create the low cabinet you want that provides an amazing bit of style to your home decorating arsenal.