What Friends Are For: How to Help New Moms

Did you just have a newborn join your family or even your circle of friends? If so, you might be wondering about all the things you can do to help the mom adjust to her new life.

Welcoming a baby into the family is a fun and exciting time, yet as a new parent, it can be tough to enjoy the time when you’re running on very little sleep. As a friend, you might be wondering how to help new moms and give them time to get some rest.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on the best ways to help take a little bit of the load off of a mom to a newborn.

Cook Dinner for Them

Coming home with a new baby means moms are going to be busying feeding, changing, and putting the baby to sleep. New moms are going to have trouble remembering to get themselves food to eat, let alone their partners or anyone else in the house.

If you’re wondering how to help a new mother, you should spend some time cooking dinner for her family. Having time to sit down and eat will be few and far between, so if you’re able to provide a home-cooked meal for her, she will be very grateful.

One way to help out is by bringing over some food that they can warm up later. Making a casserole can be the perfect dish for new parents as they can throw it in the oven whenever they’re ready to eat.

You can provide some delicious baked goods to new moms as well. If you’re looking at how to support a new mom, everyone loves a sweet treat once in a while. You might find a new mom snacking on some homemade cookies when she is up with the baby in the middle of the night.

Let Her Sleep

One of the best and easiest ways you can provide help for new moms is by letting them sleep! It can be difficult for both mom and dad to get sleep when they’re tending to the baby all night. Even during nap time, they might feel like they need to get busy doing housework or catching up on work.

As a friend, if you’re thinking of how to help a mom with a newborn you should watch the baby for a few hours and let her sleep. Going to her house and telling her to take a nap while you take care of the new baby can be a huge relief.

You might find that three solid hours of sleep can rejuvenate an exhausted mother. By offering your time, you’re already helping out a new mom in so many amazing ways.

Get a Memorable Gift

As soon as a new baby is born, new parents are going to want to take tons of photos. Some parents even find their phone camera roll filled with pictures of their new child. Yet, no one wants their photos to be in the digital world forever.

One of the most thoughtful things to do for new moms and dads is to get pictures printed out. You can even choose one picture and get it printed on a canvas so that new parents can display it in their home.

All new moms want to have pictures of their babies around their home, but taking the time to print them off can feel like another chore on their to-do list. When you give commemorative gifts for parents instead of blankets, clothes, or toys, they will appreciate the gift and you even more.

Be sure to put some time and effort into thinking of a great gift idea for new moms that can help to take some big tasks off their plate. They will be sure to think of you every single time they see the gift.

Hire Some Services

If you don’t live close to your friend, you may still be wondering how to support a new mom long distance. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that your friend can feel supported even from a distance. For example, you can hire different types of services that can help take some of the stress away from her.

We’ve already mentioned cooking dinner for new moms as a huge help, yet if you’re far away, that is nearly impossible. Instead, hire a grocery service to drop off groceries, so she doesn’t need to pick anything up. You can even use delivery services to surprise new parents with a hot meal.

Another great service to hire a new mom is a cleaning service. Especially when they’re tired from cleaning bottles and changing diapers, they’re not going to want to deep clean the toilets or mop the floors. Instead, a cleaning service can help make sure the house stays fresh and clean.

Provide Words of Support

Whether you’re near or far from your mom friend, one of the best ways you can help encourage her is by giving her tons of support. There are always different obstacles that come along with bringing a new baby home. One of the best things that a new mom can hear is that they’re doing a good job.

Be sure that you’re always there for her with supportive and positive words. Having compassion and patience with a new mom is key to help them feel relaxed and less stressed.

You might find your new mom friend wanting to vent to you, and that’s okay. Even if you haven’t experienced having any children yet, the right thing to do is listen and show kindness.

Learning How to Help New Moms

Once you get to a certain age, you’ll find that most of your friends are all becoming new moms. If you’re looking for ways to be the best friend that you can be, you’ll want to learn very quickly how to help new moms adjust to their new life. These friends will appreciate anything and everything that you can do for them during this time.

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