What Factors Should Be Considered Before Buying A Fridge

While shopping for a fridge, one should make sure if the appliance is keeping the food cold at the desired temperature. There are also additional features like door style, freezer options, touch control panels, separate temperature control for separate compartments, energy consumptions, etc. Apart from all these features there are other basic needs that have to be prioritized

Kitchen Space

  1. Fix the spot where the fridge is to be placed.
  2. Start by measuring.
  3. The fridge needs space all around it for it to operate efficiently. Air should circulate around all 4 sides. This helps in better heat dissipation of the compressor.
  4. A counter depth model may not provide as much cubic footage as that of the regular fridge. However, counter depth models are the most popular and top rated refrigerators in the market.

The top freezers are 14 to 24 cubic foot. The bottom freezer models measure 19 to 25 cubic foot. The side by side models measure 20 to 39 cubic foot. The French door model measures 18 to 32 cubic foot. The compact models measure 10 to 12 cubic foot.  Be sure to check out high end options for williams fridges as well.

Eating Habits

If the user cooks fresh food regularly, he tends to use the main compartment more frequently. For these users, the freezer at the bottom is a better option. However, if the user often stores wide items like left over pizza, platters ordered from restaurants, left over meals, etc he should go for a side by side option.

Most of the models come with adjustable shelves, dedicated spaces and drawers with temperature adjustments. Spend some time investigating the model usability and own habits.


For those families with kids, physically challenged or elderly, a side by side unit is recommended. This is because these fridges allow easy access.  It also helps in energy conservation as the user stands in front of the door during prolonged browsing sessions.  If you have needs for a larger family or group check out commercial refrigeration units.


The fridges that have freezers above and below are less expensive. The price of the fridges is also influenced by their exterior finishes. If they are made of stainless steel, they are more expensive. Apart from this even the fashion colors are more expensive. There are other options that influence the cost of the fridges. They are as follows

  1. Finger print resistant stainless-steel finishes at the exterior
  2. Built – in water dispenser or ice maker
  3. Internet connectivity that reminds the user about grocery refill, dairy refill, etc.

Energy Bill

The fridge consumes 14% of the home’s total energy. The fridges with water and ice dispensers add up to 20% of the running cost. The models with top and bottom freezers use 10 to 25% less electricity. Energy star rated models use 20% less electricity than the non – rated models.

Cleaning Habits

Some fridge shelves are made of glass and glass is one of the easiest materials to clean. The spills can also be easily wiped. Stainless steel are good options for the outer finishes. However, they get smudged by finger prints easily. As an alternate there are finger print resistant materials.