What Cancer Screening Tests Check for Cancer?

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases in the world and there are no real causes for this disease. Research and studies have suggested that this disease has many contributing factors but none of them are conclusive causes of the disease. 

There are some people who may be at high risk for the disease and may never be affected by cancer in their lifetime, whereas some may be very low level but still be affected by cancer. The only fact that remains true is the early detection of the disease. 

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Detecting Cancer

Cancer is curable and treatable today, which was not the case a few years or a decade ago. Thanks to the improved medical science and technology present today, cancer can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Patients must always be aware of cancer symptoms so they can identify early signs of cancer at the earliest.

The earlier the cancer is detected, the better the chances of beating this fatal disease. Most types of cancer, such as breast cancer, oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, etc., have some considerable symptoms which can arouse suspicion in the patient. 

Some other types of cancer such as cervical cancers, colon cancers, skin cancer etc go unnoticed for a long time because of which they are more serious. Below are some of the signs and symptoms that all people must be aware of so that a person may contact one of the best cancer hospitals in Delhi upon suspicion:

  • Changes in any part of the body, such as lumps or cysts
  • Bleeding or discharge from any parts of the body
  • Changes in the pattern of bowel movements
  • Changes in the consistency of stool
  • Consistent and persistent pain in any body part
  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of hair or lack of luster in nails and skin
  • Easily falling sick/Lack of Immunity

These are some of the signs often occurring in combinations. If there are more than two of the conditions in this list, a suspecting patient must discuss these symptoms with a specialist so as to evaluate the conditions and diagnose any issues. 

Cancer Screening Tests

There are many kinds of cancer screening that are present today, such as:

1. Self Examination

To identify any cancer symptoms, the first step is to conduct a self-exam and be aware of any symptoms that may require looking into.

2. X-rays or Scans

One of the most common methods to detect any tumors or polyps in any part of the body is by the use of X-rays. In the case of breast cancer, a mammogram is the first evaluative screening for cancer. Further investigation through Ultrasound or MRI may be done for diagnosis.

3. Laparoscopy

For internal organs that cannot be accessed, laparoscopy is done where a small instrument is sent through a catheter to analyze the situation via camera or to collect sample tissue

4. Biopsy

For accessible regions, a biopsy is done by removing a small tissue portion, which is then investigated for cancerous cell presence.