What BBQ Sauce Gives the Best Result on Ribs?

Many BBQ sauces are out there on the shelves and sold online. Everyone claims they have the best, but those claims can only be met by the one who uses the BBQ sauce and claims it as their favorite. So, which is the best BBQ sauce for ribs?

These questions are the most difficult to answer because everyone has their preferences and different taste buds. The best way to find out is to try them and see for yourself, but we can gladly give the information needed for the top list. We can take the top five homemade sauces and the store and online brands, look into them, and see what makes each special.

Some restaurants have the best BBQ sauces to make the best ribs. Sometimes the sauce makes the ribs in a restaurant the top choice. Furthermore, we will discuss alternatives for BBQ sauce, the serving sizes, and what to do with the leftovers.

The Best Bottled BBQ Sauce

The five mentioned here are in no specific order from least to most significant. There are too many specifics to list under the brand names, so we can go with the brand names and insight into how they became the top flavors for the BBQ sauce recipe for ribs.

Chef Blackanese Original Barbeque Sauce

Chef Blackanese, whose real name is Michial Foy, is a professional when cooking Asian cuisine at his restaurant, and he takes the sauces he uses in the dishes he cooks and sells the different bottled sauces. He does cooking shows, runs his restaurant, and sells special sauces online, from BBQ sauce to garlic and sweet and sour sauces. It is one of the most complimented sauces.

Bulls Eye Barbeque Sauce

This is one of the boldest BBQ sauces on the market and has been around since 1985. Kraft / Heinz owns the recipe for each flavor under Bulls Eye, but it seems to stand out on its own due to its mighty-kicking flavor. Even the original is kicking not in spices but the boldness of BBQ flavor. Burger King was known for using Bulls Eye BBQ sauce when they introduced the Rodeo Burger. They switched over to Sweet Baby Ray’s in 2007.

Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce

This brand of sauce came from Chicago in the early 80s. Out of 700 competitors in a BBQ sauce competition, Sweet Baby Ray’s won second place in 1985. The two brothers, Dave and Larry Raymond set out to promote their creation, and it’s been one of the top sellers to date. They also started a restaurant under the same name and have two in Chicago.

Stubbs Barbeque Sauce

Texas is well known for BBQ rib joints, and the capital, Austin, TX, has one of the restaurants started by C.B. Stubblefield, better known as “Stubbs.” The birthplace of Stubbs BBQ sauce came from his restaurant, created in 1968 in Lubbock, TX. The little place had many rising music stars visit and ate at the restaurant. He took his famous BBQ sauce and spread it to all the grocery stores. After Stubb passed, his recipe was sold to McCormick, which is still a hot seller today.

K.C. Masterpiece Barbeque Sauce

Kansas City is one of the most famous places for ribs and BBQ sauces. It truly is a masterpiece since its debut in 1977. It is owned by Kingsford Charcoal and is still one of America’s favorite brand names to splash on ribs. The name sums up the brand and flavor because Texas and Kansas City run a tight race for the best BBQ.

The Best Alternative BBQ Sauces to Add on Ribs

Other items to use in place of BBQ sauce still make BBQ ribs and add a kick to the flavor. These are five of our favorites and the most popular.

BBQ Rubs

BBQ rubs are the dry version of BBQ sauce which still has the same flavor without the messy drippings. It is a mixture of dry seasonings that is generously rubbed into the meat as it makes a slight sauce of its own with the juices of the ribs.


Teriyaki is an alternative to BBQ sauce as it is an Asian favorite and used in most Chinese cuisines. It goes great with ribs, giving it an Asian kick in flavor.

Keto Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce

People who are losing weight at a fast pace are enjoying the new Keto diets. This is a weight-watcher-friendly BBQ sauce that does not have the sugar to worry about putting on extra pounds. It is also a healthy choice for people with diabetes.


This is a basic rub that garlic and onion powder can be added to the mix. Some people cannot handle tomato-based food or sauces, so sticking to basics works perfectly so that people can still enjoy those luscious ribs.


The list of marinades is endless. Homemade BBQ sauce works great for marinades, and the cook can add all their favorite BBQ flavors to the mix while cooking it over the stovetop burners. Leaving the meat overnight in the fridge works best so all the flavors can soak into the meat.

Serving Sizes Ribs to BBQ Sauce

Many people wonder about the serving size of a rack of ribs. A rack of pork ribs has ten to 16 ribs, depending on the cut of ribs, and it is almost impossible to determine how many people a rack will serve. Two to three would be the best guess, but it depends on how many each person can eat.

One bottle of BBQ sauce can cover the entire rack easily. If some sauce is left over, it can be used to drizzle over other meats as long as the raw meat doesn’t come in contact with the remaining sauce. You want to avoid contaminating other meats. The perfect BBQ sauce can make the ribs stand out in restaurants, Fox News looked into the best BBQ ribs and found it was the sauce that made the flavor for the award-winning ribs.