What are the ways cheaters hide their affair?

As per statistics, both men and women claim to have cheated their partner at least once in their marriage tenure. This has led to the question of what leads to cheating and what are the ways that the spouses hide their acts from one another. And this will even lead to more touchy questions that a couple asks each other.

To the questions asked, one can say that there are multiple factors that lead to cheating, starting from misunderstanding to a broken marriage. However, in this article, we will concentrate more on the ways that cheaters hide an affair. Keep reading.

1. Pretension

Pretending is one of the crucial acts that the partners often do to hide their affair. While they are a lot more than casual friends, they act their best to hide the reality. If you see your partner and a friend getting along a lot too well, it might be the right time to introspect the relationship.

If you restrict them from meeting their friends, it might lead to more chaos in the relationship. Hence, it is ideal to stay alert and monitor the closeness. However, there are always exceptions!

2. Excessive fight in the relationship

When your partner is stuck with two relationships at the same time, it can be quite stressful. This might lead them to get into severe fights with you, as they tend to get irritated way too fast. While maintaining two relationships can be cumbersome; hence they tend to lose their patience way too early. It might be an alarming sign of your partner prioritizing the other relationship a bit too much.

3. Being inactive on social media platforms

This sounds as sneaky as it is! If your spouse is having an affair, there is a huge chance of them being inactive on social media and hiding the affair from you. If you notice them having stopped posting online all of a sudden, then they might be hiding your marriage/relationship online. If you want to know how to catch an Instagram cheater, you must be aware of his social media accounts and their handling.

4. Very private about the phone

Have you been noticing him being private about his phone way too much? Do not freak out, as you need to tackle this in your own way. You might notice your partner being afraid of phone calls and texts. They might even be acting strange and paranoid on receiving phone calls and texts.

5. Hiding the map location

Today we are exposed to the world of technologies where we can be aware of the other person’s whereabouts without any difficulty. If your spouse stops sharing the map location, there is a possibility that they are busy hiding something. Hence, it can be an indication of cheating, as this is a significant way how cheaters hide their affairs, as they do not want the other person to know their whereabouts.


Things can start getting scary with all these signs overwhelming you and making you freak out! However, it is time to act wisely, as any mistake can dampen the motive. Hence, be wise and smart.