What are the essential 4WD accessories for adventuring offroad?

In the past few years, the popularity of 4WDing has increased manifolds. 4WDing is a great way to study the countryside. 4×4 cars are specially built to tackle the wild and be pushed to their limits so that you can enjoy offroading with ease. But before you venture off sealed roads, make sure you have all the gear you need not only to enjoy your trip but to get home safely. The market is overflowing with various 4WD accessories and gears marketed as “must-haves.” Even for the experienced four-wheel drivers, finding out what they would need and what they don’t need to have has become challenging. So if you are thinking of hitting the road for a holiday away, you will be glad you found this article. Here’s a list of indispensable accessories to be stowed onboard your 4WD. Continue reading!

Six essential 4WD accessories for your next trip

Cargo barrier

A 4WD’s cargo hooks are not enough to hold your belongings when heading for a beaten track or severely bumpy road. What you would need is a cargo barrier. It will keep your luggage intact and give you peace of mind on rough roads. Cargo barriers are an excellent way for storing loose items and preventing them from interrupting your driving on rough roads.

Recovery gear

The easiest way to ensure your four-wheeler is ready to be recovered is to have the top-rated recovery gear. A decent recovery kit would contain D shackles, gloves, recovery tracks, snatch straps, kinetic ropes, bull bar, recovery hitch, high lift jack, bottle jack, mounting pin set, recovery boards, winch, and a shackle. In case of emergency, it brings a huge advantage to your end if you have the best 3 ton floor jack ready inside your car. These items hold utmost importance in case of mishappening or crash and can safely help you get back to your off-road trip. These are some of the essential recovery gear items you must have before stepping out for your adventurous journey.

Tyre inflator and deflator

Being a 4WD owner, you must know that letting the air out of your vehicle’s tyres provides them more grip and more flex. And while on a road trip, doing this is all the more critical. This is the reason why deflators and inflators are included in this must-have accessories list. Though you can have manual equipment since they are easy enough to use, they take a significant amount of time and effort. So you must take a tyre pump that can be operated by your vehicle’s battery and make the task a breeze.

Backup battery

Imagine you are in a remote bush area, and you hear the sound of your started motor’s sullen ‘click,’ which is not getting enough current from your battery. What can be worst than this! So to be prepared for this kind of situation, you would need a backup battery that would crank your engine into life in a matter of seconds.

Fridge or esky

While heading away from home, you would not want to leave every comfort that your home offers. Take a 12V fridge, for example. There’s nothing worse than having warm wines or sprints and pretending that you are enjoying it. Take a fridge along to keep your foodstuffs and drinks safe from spoilage. There are different types of fridges and esky available in the market, so you can choose one that suits you.

First aid kit

Last, don’t forget to take a well-stocked first aid kit. It is one of the 4WD accessories that everyone must have in their vehicle, no matter where they are planning to go. Ensure it has antiseptic creams, pain relief, new antihistamines, and other essential items.

Author:  Alison Lurie