What are the different ways of consuming Kratom powder?

If you have been able to procure Kratom powder, then you can use it in several ways. Here you can find some of the simplest ways by which you can consume Kratom powder.

Consume by the spoonful

You can consume a spoonful of Kratom powder every day directly from the container. Of course, you may have a bitter taste in your mouth, and hence, you should wash the powder down with either water or a sweet drink.

Mix in juices

You may mix kratom powder with various fruit juices like oranges, lemon, and even apple. You can add the powder to smoothies and yogurt also and take it with protein shakes. A protein shake is a good drink before doing a workout, and the kratom powder will help you feel energized.

Bake it

You can add kratom powder to your batter before baking cookies or brownies. You can also add it to savory food items like soups and oats.

Make herbal tea

You can use the crushed kratom leaves to make herbal tea. Just brew the powder with a bit of tea, and you will get an energizing beverage. You can find multiple recipes for preparing different types of kratom tea from the internet. It will be a healthier option compared to coffee or tea.

How much kratom should you consume ideally?

It is vital for you to accurately measure the amount of kratom you take in each dose. You need to be mindful of the effects that you feel after taking a specific dosage. If you feel uncomfortable, then you need to reduce the dosage the next time.

It is an excellent practice to start your dosage with a small amount. You can always increase it gradually till you find the correct dose for yourself. However, you need to monitor your physical and mental effects after each dose. You have to do some observation and experimentation before you find out the right dose for yourself.

You can follow the guidelines mentioned below to frame your dosage

1-3 grams – You should follow this dose when you are just starting. You will notice specific effects after taking this minute dose. The chances are that you will not have any prolonged impacts from this dose, but it will still be noticeable.

3-5 grams – You can take this intermediary dose when you have some previous use of Kratom. You will have a little mildly stimulating effect with this dosage.

5-7 grams – This is a potent dose, and you will start to have strong sedative effects if you take this dose. You will no longer have any stimulating effects but instead feel more relaxed and calm. This dosage will help alleviate body aches and pain.

These are the basic types you can find in formulating your dosages. Kratom powder can be used and consumed in a variety of different ways. However, you need to be careful with the dosage to get the best out of this herbal medicinal supplement.