What are the different types of research papers?

Writing a research paper might be a daunting task for many, which is the reason why they choose to pay for custom research paper the day they’re given the assignment. However, it could have been a different scenario should they know that there are different types of research papers. Let’s not have a look at what you can be asked to write your next assignment about and how to do it right if you are not willing to pay for research papers yet. And if you want to check out legit and reliable essay writing service reviews, visit NoCramming.com

There Are Two Types of… Research Papers

That’s right, as the Excelsior College Writing Lab article suggests, there are 2 major types of the research papers: analytical and argumentative, each of them having a particular set of requirements. Let’s review them.

Analytical Papers

To put it simply, any analytical paper requires you to provide an analysis of a particular situation, text, phenomenon, etc based on your own observations and using the methods that will fit the best to convey your analysis. This is where you are asked to “examine”, “observe”, “analyze” any event, phenomenon, situation, theorem, or anything. Here your primary task is not to refute the theories of others, argue with other researchers, or deny the already existing analytical works. What you need to do is to provide logical, argumentative, and clear ideas you have as a result of processing the given materials or experiments.

Argumentative Papers

Sometimes called ‘persuasive’, this type of research requires you to take a side in the debate, but it doesn’t mean just giving your opinion on a given issue, no. That wouldn’t cause so many students to pay for college research papers. What you need to consider here is all other sides and opinions, find the arguments that prove why these views have flaws, and come up with the arguments that make your idea work the best. This type of research is always harder as you need to process a lot of information before generating a solid response to the existing debate. You should also remember that your task here is to always make sure the reader has a clear understanding of where your opinion is and where somebody else’s is.

Even though they are the two most frequently asked types of research papers, there are some more that can be occasionally given by your professor, and before you rush to google “where can I pay for my research paper to get it asap?”, read this.

Some Other Research Types

Compare and Contrast

You will be given two or more items to compare (usually, the similarities) or contrast (usually the differences) or do both of the given variables. Here your task (or those who you pay for research paper)  is to examine the parts of the texts, characters, theories or codes, describe them, and then make compare or/and contrast lists with the proofs (parts of texts, for example). Don’t forget to do a free plagiarism check to make sure your paper is 100% unique, and the professor won’t accuse you of stealing or copyright infringement. After all, if it’s free, why not use it and sleep peacefully?

Cause and Effect

As simple as it sounds, you need to trace all the events that brought you to particular results. These papers usually start with “What caused…” or “What is a result of…”. Let’s see  a few examples:

–  “What caused the Chornobyl explosion?”

– “Who initiated the Vietnam War, and why the Americans got involved?”

– “How the invention of penicillin have influenced the development of medicine”

The good part of this essay (and the easiest one) is that your task is to describe the events and their chronological order without giving your opinion about whether some decisions were necessary or not.


This research type is impossible without conducting a survey of a particular group (groups) of people. This is a normal practice for the sociology of management studies students where they need to make suggestions or decisions based on the responses they’ve gotten. This paper requires solid analytical work from the conductor as it’s more than simply collecting the results and publishing them.


As its name implies, you need to interpret a particular event from the viewpoint of a specific methodology, case study, or other frameworks. Usually, it’s being given to the students of the law departments for them to make a solution from the case study based on the existing laws that are valid at the moment. However, you can also be given it in the literary studies where you’ll need to interpret, for example, the need for a “call-and-response” writing technique in Tony Morrisson’s “Jazz”.


Normally, you’ll need to write this type of research as you do an experiment. The aim of it is to note and track everything that happens before, during and after the experimentб and whether it proved/denied the initial assumptions you had.


The easiest one and usually you can get this during your first or second year of study as a separate task. What you need here is to provide the asked information by describing it. No arguments, opinions, proofs or emotions needed – dry facts and figures as they are.

That was it, a quick description of the research paper types you might encounter during your college years. As you see, they aren’t as hard or terrifying as they might seem, but you surely need to prepare well to write a good essay and receive a good score. After all, isn’t it an important part?

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