What Are the Different Styles for Eyelash Extensions?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it never hurts to spoil yourself a little and make yourself look and feel prettier. Maybe you’ve seen a friend with a pretty new flutter, and you’re wondering if you can also get one yourself. But before you head out to the salon to have your eyelashes extended, make sure you got the right information so you can decide what’s best for you. If you want to read more about our lash extension wholesale, continue reading through our post.

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What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Not to be confused with false eyelashes that you can “glue” to your eyelids at-home – eyelash extensions, which you can get from a trusted eyelash extensions supplier,  are applied using a semi-permanent adhesive to your natural lashes by a professional lash artist in a salon. Also, you can prefer Russian Strip Lashes that make your eye more glowing and attractive.

Eyelash extensions can be applied to your real lashes individually or in clusters. You can also get a full set, which means extensions are applied to all your individual lashes or a partial set where the extensions are added only from the middle to the outside of your lash line. Contact Lashify to avail of award-winning eyelash extensions. 

Eyelash Extension Styles

Not all eyelash extensions are the same. You can choose from different styles, such as:

1. Classic

If you prefer a more natural look for an extension, go for the classic. It can be a little longer on the outer corner, but it’s mainly applied to the eye line curvature as much as possible.

Your intention is to enhance the look without any major change. It’s ideal for any eye shape because it will give a little boost. If you want to add more volume and length, you cannot go wrong with this style.

2. Doll

Doll eyelashes are long, with the most concentration of lashes on the center of the eyes, making the eyes appear larger and more open. It can give you the appearance of bright and big eyes, making it a perfect choice for those with wide-set eyes or dropping, downturned eyes.

3. Cat-eye

Cat eyelashes have longer strands on the outer eye corner. It gives the impression that you have wider eyes. This type of extension must not be used if your eyes have a wide set or downturned shape.

4. Staggered

This is a mix of long and short lashes that can give your lashes a lot of volume. It’s preferred by those who want a dramatic look because it can make the lashes look full and thick. However, if you have thin eyelashes, it’s not a good style for you because it can make your eyelids look heavy. But if you already have a bit thick and long lashes, this can work for you.

5. Colored

You can also have colored eyelashes if you want! If this matches your style, there’s no stopping you! Traditionally, you can get black, dark brown, or light brown lashes. But if you want fun alternatives, you can go for pink, red, purple, blue, green, white, orange, and even multi-colored. It’s not a popular choice to do colored eyelash extensions, but it works for people whose lifestyle permits doing so.

Eyelash Extension Materials

Salons carry different choices of eyelash extension material to suit the look you want to achieve and the budget you’re willing to spend. At the most basic level, lash extensions are either man-made or gathered from animal fur. The most common extensions come in mink, silk, faux mink, and synthetic.

Animal fur lash extensions

Animal fur lash extensions are natural, lightweight, and beautiful. It’s preferable if you want to have the most natural-looking extensions. However, they must be permed to give it a curl. This means you need some maintenance on your side to keep its curl.

However, if you have sensitivity or allergies to animal fur, these lashes are not the right fit for you. Also, if you have ethical concerns about harvesting fur from animals and prefer cruelty-free products, you would decide against it.

Here are the most commonly used animal fur lash extensions:

1. Mink lash extensions

Mink lashes are gathered from the tail fur of Siberian and Chinese minks. Siberian minks produce the most premium and most desirable eyelash extensions. And if you want the most natural-looking lash extensions, mink is the best choice. It’s fluffy and lightweight but expensive.

2. Sable lash extensions

If you’re not familiar with sable, it’s a type of weasel with finer and fluffier fur than mink. It’s the lightest possible material available for eyelash extensions. It’s recommended only for those with fine natural lashes, and it’s not as readily available as mink, so it’s not available in most salons.

The downside of the sable is the same for mink: don’t choose it if you have an allergy to animal fur or ethical concerns regarding the harvesting of fur from animals.

3. Fox lash extensions

Fox fur lashes are soft and have a natural reddish tone. You can find them with black tips or dyed in an ombre style. If you want fox fur lashes, you have to check around because, like sable, not all salons have them.

Man-made lash extensions

The biggest benefit of opting for man-made lash extensions is it comes with a curl that you won’t need to perm. Plus, it will save you some money. It can also be good for your conscience if you don’t like getting your lashes from animals.

1. Faux mink and faux fox lash extensions

Nowadays, you can quickly get the look of fox or mink without the hefty price tag. Manufacturers have become innovative, so you can get fluttery, feather-weight extensions that won’t set you back like the real thing. These lash extensions are comfy to wear, animal-friendly, and comes in different volumes and lengths.

2. Silk lash extensions

While silk lashes are named as such, they are not made of real silk-like you would find in a scarf or a blouse. Silk lashes are mid-weight, and for some people, are not as comfortable as faux fox or faux mink options. It’s great for special occasions.

3. Synthetic lash extensions

Synthetic lashes are the heaviest type of lash extensions and are the least natural-looking. They have a sheen rather than a soft luster that you can see in real human or animal fur lashes.

4. Volume lash extensions

One of the latest trends in eyelash extensions is volume lashes. With this style, lash artists apply two to six ultra-lightweight lashes to each of their own natural lashes. You can choose from 2D to 6D lash options to give more volume. It takes longer to apply and costs more.


Eyelash Styles for Your Eye Shape

When choosing eyelash extension styles, the most important factor that should influence your choice is your eye shape. Here are some of the standard eye shapes and what type of eyelash extensions can be suitable for them:

1. Almond eyes

Almond eyes look a little like cat eyes. If you have this eye shape, you can go well with any lash extension style. You can take a look at your face shape, so if your face is long, opt for shorter lashes and vice versa.

2. Rounded eyes

Rounded eyes are naturally open, large, and striking. The length and width of the eyes tend to be equal, and the white part is highly visible. If you have this eye shape, avoid exaggerating your lashes as they make you look surprised or scared. To tame the alertness of your eyes a little, invest in styles with shorter lengths and light curls. Ask for the lashes at the outer eyes to be longer. Cat-eye styles will work great to add length to your eyes.

3. Wide-set eyes

Wide-set eyes are eyes that are distant from one another. Eyelash extensions can make your eyes look a bit closer. If that’s what you want to achieve, you can invest in longer and more dramatic eyelash extension styles. Avoid cat-eye styles as they can make the gap between your eyes look wider.

4. Close-set eyes

Many salon clients who have close-set eyes want to get the impression that their eyes are a little wider. If this is your eye shape, you should have longer lashes on the outer corner. Avoid doll eyelash extension styles as they can make your eyes look deep-set, and don’t put longer lashes on the inner corners.

5. Downturned eyes

If you have downturned eyes, the outer corners are lower than the inner corner. With this shape, the goal is to give it a lift up, but if you overdo it just a little, your eyes may look tired, and you can get a reverse effect. You may find it hard to wear eyelash extensions in general, but your best option is to get short, curly eyelash extension styles to avoid weighing down your eyes.

6. Upturned eyes

The opposite of downturned eyes, upturned eyes have outer corners that are higher than the inner corner. Also known as cat eyes, this eye shape tilts upward, giving the eye the appearance of an eyelift. If you have this shape, you want your lash to look super natural and look just a little enhanced. You can choose cat eyes or simply ask for something slightly longer. If you want to balance the natural lift of your eyes to make it look almond-shaped, go for a thick and full-on entire lash. Avoid getting longer lashes on the inner corner of the eyes and strong curls on the outer edges.

7. Deep-set eyes

Deep-set eyes are characterized by a person’s eyes being naturally placed further back in the eye socket. People with deep-set eyes usually have large eyes that are overshadowed by their brow bone. If this is your eye shape, it’s a good idea to choose longer and straighter eyelash extension styles. Doll eyelashes can help you achieve an impression that your eyes have come out a little more.

8. Protruding eyes

The opposite of deep-set eyes, protruding eye shapes are already vivid by nature. The eyes look like they are bulging from the eye socket and can look overpowering. If you have this eye shape, opt for natural eyelash extension styles with the least amount of curl, and add more volume. Choose any variation of cat eyelash styles so your eyes may look almond-shaped.

9. Small and hooded eyes

Small eyes and hooded eyes are not the same, but hooded eyes are usually smaller. When the eyes are hooded, there’s excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line.

For both these eye shapes, it’s best to avoid heavy and very long eyelash extension styles. Add the longest lashes in the middle of the eyes to give the impression that they are bigger. Getting a stronger curl would help as well. Doll eyelashes and natural eyelashes look best for these eye shapes.

How To Choose a Style That Will Suit You Best?

When choosing an eyelash for an eyelash extension, it is easy to get swept up by popular styles and shapes, but not every kind of lash will suit you. Therefore, it is essential that you take into consideration your eye shape, size, proportion and other factors to choose the best eyelash extension for your face. 

Find the Shape of Your Eyes

Knowing the shape of your eye is crucial to choosing the best lashes for your lash extension treatment. Your eyes can be almond-shaped, round, downturned, upturned, monolid, small or hooded. 

Find the Size of Your Eyes

The size of your eyes is determined based on the vertical and horizontal dimensions. The size of your eyes can be large, average or small. Many people also compare their eyes to other facial features and determine their size based on proportion. 

Find the Proportion of Your Eyes

The proportion of your eyes refers to the distance between their eyes or where they are placed concerning each other. If the distance between your eyes is average, then your eyes are in a balanced setting. If your eyes are wider or closer than average, they are far and close-set, respectively. 

Find the Growth Direction of Your Lashes

When it comes to lash growth, they generally grow in three directions; upwards, downwards or straight. Knowing the growth direction of your lashes is very important because it helps you decide how to curl them. Generally, Asians have downward-growing lashes, so they need to get stronger curls done in order to make their eyes look open.

Find the Structure of Your Eyes

The structure of your eyes in how they are set into your eyes. When your eyes are set deep into your eye cavity, they are called deep-set eyes. People also have doe-eyes, meaning their eyes are prominent, bulging or protruding. Shallow-set eyes are characterized by the nose having a small bridge and the orbital bone being less noticeable. 


If you are planning to get lash extensions, it is vital to know all about the different lash styles, your eye shape and more. When you know precisely how your lashes and eyes are set, you will be able to make the best decision for your face and eyes.