What Are the Best Places to Live in BC in 2023?

British Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province, lying between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Its diverse geography features a stunning blend of serene beaches, fertile valleys, and magnificent mountain ranges.

There are several amazing cities in BC, all with high living standards and unique characteristics. With so many options, finding the best place to live can be daunting.

Here are the best places in BC to live in, along with their details which could help you choose the right place according to your suitability. After reading this list of places to live, you’ll be able to find the perfect location in BC.

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1. Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is home to the most spectacular sceneries making it an ideal place for both culture and nature enthusiasts. The city also houses several historical and cultural attractions, allowing residents to add something new to their daily experiences.

The vibrant downtown includes great shopping centres, restaurants, museums, parks, and architecture. Though expensive to live in, the average incomes of its residents are high. So things are balanced out with the cost of living.

Also, the demand for housing is high in this region. So the average cost of owning a house here is comparatively high, affecting the home insurance prices as well. But given the standard of living here, it is worth it. And it is one of the major reasons that it is considered among the best places in BC to live in.

2. Richmond, BC

Located towards the southwest of Vancouver, Richmond houses Vancouver International – the second busiest airport in Canada. It is counted among the safest British Columbian cities, with an average crime rate of less than 18%.

The city has good health care facilities, an excellent public transport system and several recreational opportunities such as biking and hiking trails. Richmond’s “lower mainland” region is surrounded by mountains and the ocean, making it one of the most preferred areas.

The average home value here is over $1,000,000. The home insurance rates are also comparatively high but worth it, given the value of the property and amenities provided to the residents.

3. Victoria, BC

The excellent views of the Olympic Mountains make Victoria one of the most sought-after cities in BC. This place’s residents benefit from lower property taxes and a high living standard. Moreover, the region offers countless employment opportunities in technology, business, and government offices. The education facilities and standards of this place are top-notch.

However, earthquakes always follow tsunami-related threats in this area, which inflates the cost of home insurance here. But still, it’s counted among the best places in BC to live, given the moderately affordable property prices here.

4. Burnaby, BC

Burnaby is home to many green spaces, including Deer Lake Park, the Burnaby Lake area, and Burnaby Mountain. Simon Fraser University is another major of its increasing popularity among individuals looking forward to owning a home here. Burnaby is the next best location to live in British Columbia.

Located in the lower mainland, the average cost of owning a house here averages around $1,000,000. Given the property prices, it would be fair to say that the property insurance prices here are similar to Vancouver and Richmond.

5. North Vancouver, BC

North Vancouver is connected to Vancouver city with a bridge. It is considered among the highly coveted residential areas due to its proximity to the North Shore Mountains, sky highway, and the sea. It’s an excellent choice for people who look forward to living in the middle of the mountains and forests of the Greater Vancouver region.

This place also houses an interactive and vibrant community of creative people, entrepreneurs, and professionals. The average home property cost here is over $1,000,000. In terms of average insurance cost, it lies next to its neighbours (such as Vancouver, the West End, Kitsilano, and Shaughnessy) in the line.

6. Surrey, BC

British Columbia’s second biggest region, Surrey, is a diverse city. Surrey is home to several community centres, shopping malls, public parks, and hospitals. Plus, a significant investment has been made in building new residential properties for new and existing residents. It is also a hub of higher education, with several good universities established here.

Most of its population is extremely diverse, boasting a number of residents from various parts of the world. It is one of the rapidly growing cities, but amazingly it also has the most affordable real estate.

The average annual cost of a home insurance policy may range between $1000 and $8000. The city facilitates its residents with excellent job opportunities. It is located at a distance of 35 minutes from Vancouver, which adds to the employment options available for people living in the area.

7. Port Coquitlam

Port Coquitlam has a huge green space cover, outdoor playgrounds, and magnificent mountains. The city promotes an active and healthy lifestyle with several outdoor and indoor opportunities. Recreation centres include outdoor pools, sports fields, arenas and pools, trailside gym stations, and so much more. It lies close to Vancouver.

The property value of this area has seen a quick rise. Resultantly, insurance rates have also seen a rise. But still, the land and housing here are most affordable compared to the other regions located towards the north of River Fraser. Also, Port Coquitlam has the lowest property tax rates in the region.

Best places to live in BC Canada — Endnote

Canada is counted among the best countries across the globe. The facilities and living conditions provided to the residents are among the best. More and more people are willing to settle and live there. And British Columbia tops the list of the most preferred provinces for living because of its strong economy.

The average cost of residential property here varies from one region to another. But every city in this province allows its residents to live a king-size life with an average income. British Columbia and all its cities are truly a heaven on earth. Irrespective of the city you choose, you are sure to get the best of everything there.