What Are the Benefits of Vacation Rental Homes for Your Family?

Are you itching for some free time from work that you can spend with your family? If you see a family vacation in the future, you might want to start planning your getaway. After you settle on a destination, it’s time to consider accommodation. While hotels were once your only choice, today you can easily opt for a vacation rental home. Why are more and more families choosing this type of vacation accommodation? Let’s find out all the benefits of a vacation rental for your family:


If you and your family are looking for practicality, it’s hard to beat a well-equipped vacation rental house. With such a luxurious but affordable accommodation Kirra Beach, you can not only have much more space, but also all the commodities of your home, kitchen included. The kitchen is one of the most beloved elements of a vacation rental because it allows you to prepare a nice breakfast in the morning, quick meals to bright to the beach and fun snacks before dinner everyone will like. And with the prices of eating out today going up and up, it’s a nice thing to have the option of making your own food and saving money. Many rentals also have a laundry room so you can pack light knowing you can wash your clothing while on vacation. With access to a washer and dryer, you don’t have to freak out about any stains and clothing issues (and those are always present on a family vacation).

More space

When everyone is well rested, it’s possible to enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation with the family without tears and tantrums. Unfortunately, when everyone is crammed into one hotel room, it’s hard to get enough sleep and wake up rested. The solution to this issue is a vacation rental. This way, you can have separate rooms for the kids and everyone can get rest when they need it. Plus, when it’s nap time, some kids can sleep, and others can play and not create chaos for everyone. If your rental has an outdoor space, that’s even better—more space for activities and to spread out your wings.

Better savings

You think it costs more to stay in a large property than in a hotel? Well, think again. In many places, like Australia, it’s cheaper to stay in a vacation home, especially if you’re staying for longer. If you take a look at options for accommodation in Sorrento, Australia, you’ll see that the properties are more than affordable while also being luxurious, spacious and practical. You can choose how many beds you need, how close the property is to the beach, whether or not you have a pool, etc. Plus, these rentals come with a kitchen and washing machine so you can save money on eating out and paying for cleaning services as well, which are notoriously expensive in Australia and everywhere else.

Better savings

Perfect for every member of the family

Many families have special members who need just a bit more attention than others. According to our travelers with special needs kids, a vacation rental is a true lifesaver. It gives kids with sensory issues a place to relax and decompress after an exciting day. The access to the kitchen is also great because it allows families to prepare all their favorite meals for their picky eaters so you don’t have to struggle with limited restaurant choices. Kids with autism, ADHD or any other developmental difference will love having their own privacy, peace and quiet.

Space for your pet

And families with pets no longer have to pay for expensive boarding or worry about leaving their pets at home alone. Many rental vacation homes are pet-friendly! Some come with an additional charge, but even then this option is cheaper and safer than boarding or pet sitting.


While hotel rooms also offer all the privacy that you need, all the other spaces in a hotel are shared, thus you always have to be surrounded by other people. And sometimes, it’s hard to relax when there are many prying eyes around. In a vacation rental, you have the opportunity to have the entire property for yourself. If there’s a pool on the property, it can be just yours; if there’s a court for sports, it can be at your disposal at all times, etc. Depending on the type of rental you opt for, you can have much more privacy than in any other accommodation type. It will be just like you’re at your own home!

Ready for a family vacation? This year, rent a vacation rental house and get ready to have a blast in all the comfort and privacy you want!