What are cream chargers used for?

We all know when we cook there are some tools that are so essential for cooking. Because to make a recipe you have to use some special kitchen tools to make it. Cream chargers are one of the essential tools for cooking.

With cream chargers many dishes became so easy to make. We all use cream chargers but do you even know how cream nitrous oxide tank chargers work? Today we are going to discuss it.

The main role of cream chargers mechanism is nitrous oxide charges and its mainly used for cream whippers. This actually works by small chargers forcing compressed nitrous oxide to liquid and by your choice it is forced out from the tip and also it is easy.

It is a process of gas whipped forming liquid. It is similar to soda siphon. The difference is in soda siphon you use (CO2) and in cream chargers you use (N2O). 

The chargers are filled with nitrous oxide contained in a small metal cartridge called cream chargers that is used in the canister sleeve. The sleeve is tightly screwed until the gas is released. After pressing the lever or switch, the gas mixed with liquid and formed as foam.   

Now lets see the difference between soda siphon and cream chargers.

  1. CO2 works better than N2O in water that is why when we drink energy drinks or carbonated drinks that feels fizzy but in cream chargers we do not feel any fizzy.
  2. Acidic – We all know CO2 is acidic On the other hand N2O is not acidic and because of that CO2 is used in carbonated drinks for fizzy taste and it also helps us to digest our food. On the other hand N2O has no flavor and that is why it is used for sweets or any other taste.
  3. Cream chargers component Nitrous oxide also can dissolve the fat in liquid that is why cream chargers are used for gas to dissolve the fat in the liquid like butter and it’s done by compressing the gas in the small cartridges to force out the fat from the liquid.

Benefits of Cream Chargers

  1. I think the great benefit is with cream chargers by making cream whippers taste awesome. 
  2. You can preserve it and can use it whenever you want to use it.
  3. By doing this the fat of the liquid got thin and halved.
  4. Cream whippers are made in a closed system so that’s why to chil it or thin it you don’t need extra components.
  5. It is also good to make an awesome decoration of food because it is noticeable.
  6. Cream whippers feel cleaner and also brighter and that’s why the recipe looks tasty.
  7. Without cream whippers, some recipes are wasteful.

If your whipped cream dispenser is broken it may be best not to use it. You can purchase a new one or purchase cream chargers and have them delivered to your door quickly from cream chargers delivery aka nangs delivery services in places like Melbourne

So, I think I have given you guys a clear vision about how cream chargers work. If you do not have cream charges then i will recommend you to buy it and use it because it is really awesome kitchen tools.