Wedding Guest 101: What You Should Wear to an Indian Wedding

Weddings are hard. When you’re choosing your look for a wedding you’re essentially trying to accomplish two things. One, you want to look good. And two, you don’t want to upstage the bride. Yes, a wedding is a funny thing, because it’s one of the few events where you tone down your style. Sure you want to look your best, but what’s best for a wedding is different than what’s best for a night out. This can be a fairly tricky proposition though because it is not always easy to strike that balance in a style that’s so essential for a wedding guest. Now, if you’re reading this and asking yourself. “Huh?” That’s okay! That’s what I’m here for. For you see, I have created this guide on all the best ways to dress if you’re a guest at a wedding. We’ll take a deep dive into what makes something a great piece to wear to a wedding, as well as what to look for to make sure you’re still looking great! So without further adieu, let’s get started!

For Men

Now, this is an unfortunate double standard, but for most weddings. Men have it easy. All a man needs to do is throw on a suit and bam! They look great. So in that respect, this entry will be a little shorter (sorry fellas). But that doesn’t mean I’m letting you off easy guys. Because like any great song, for a great outfit. The devil is in the details. That’s why men, please. Roll through this checklist with me, so that you can double-check that you’re looking great. First off, check your collar. Make sure there’s no part of it sticking up or out. You want the collar of your shirt to lay underneath the collar of your jacket in the back. Oftentimes I see people who don’t check for this, and it comes across like they’ve gotten ready ten minutes ago. Next, take a look at your cuffs. For your shirt, you want to make sure that they lie past your jacket sleeve, but not so far that the cuff goes all the past your sleeve. You want your sleeve to sit right on your cuff, with just a touch of that cuff sticking out. Next, let us look at your pants. If you’ve had these pants tailored then usually it will be done for you, but just in case. Take a look at the cuffs on your pants. Is there a single fold at the hem of your pants? If so great! If not, you know what to do! For men’s formal wear it’s the little things that matter, so to all my boys out there. Before you go over to the ceremony. Just take a second, and check over all these details. And you’ll be good to go!

For Women

Now we get to the hard part. You see women have a very high standard to which society holds them. And this is doubly true when it comes to a woman’s appearance. As if this wasn’t bad enough. When it comes to weddings, this standard is multiplied. That being said, as much as society’s standards can be a heavy burden to bear. When it comes to someone you care about. It is easy to let all of those stresses wash away and see the beautiful positives of a wedding. So with that in mind let’s talk about some of the main bullet points you want to hit for your friend’s wedding. Firstly the dress you pick should be something elegant, yet understated. Something beautiful for sure, but does not draw too much attention to yourself. Next, you’ll want to make sure you stick to the theme of the wedding. If the theme is a sultry spring, then pinks, yellows, and lavenders are your best option. If you’re going to a traditional Indian wedding then checking out these Indian dresses is a fantastic option. Whatever the flow for your friend’s wedding, it’s my advice to just go with it!

When someone you love is getting married. It’s a cause for celebration! There is nothing sweeter than celebrating the love of someone you truly care about. To watch that friend, who you feel like you’ve been through everything together. Stand in front of a crowd of people and profess their admiration and loyalty to the love of their life. It’s profound. It’s important. It’s something that will stick with you forever. It is something that you may want to joyously participate in. And thanks to this guide you can do so with full confidence, knowing that you look and feel your best! And if you don’t feel that confidence quite yet, that’s okay! Just take another quick look at this guide, so that you can be a great wedding guest!