Wearing and buying lingerie: Do’s and don’ts

Deciding to shop for that beautiful lace underwear one has been dreaming about is an exciting process. Lingerie in Australia sells on the fact that it is undoubtedly beautiful and sexy. It takes the world of innerwear to unexplored places. However, it can be a terrifying prospect for some. It need not be a stressful affair, which this article aims to do, by teaching all the do and don’ts. Baby dolls? Balconettes? Corsets? Wraps? Suspenders? The choices are endless.

Ever since the pandemic, people are spending more time indoors, which is the perfect time to try new and exciting things. Read on to brush up on some lingerie knowledge and begin shopping for some. Whether it is the first time or if one wants to try newer models, scroll to see how to wear them and what mistakes to avoid:

Number One: Build the Lingerie Wardrobe from the basics

Even if one is a lingerie newbie, it is vital to invest in great-looking, well-fitting sets to build a wardrobe. Yes, purchasing a set is always the better option compared to just a bra. Start with a plunge bra, lace underwear, slips, and push-up bras. These essentials will be the workhorses, so to say, and ensure to take good care of them.

If one has been wearing lingerie for a long time and is comfortable experimenting with more glamorous option try,

  • Corsets
  • Suspenders
  • Bodysuits and
  • Ouvert bottoms

It adds a wow factor to otherwise dull underwear. Nothing else matches the feeling of wearing over-the-top lingerie that one has adored and wants to own. It may not be a practical decision entirely, but who cares when the heart wants what it does want. It will continue to delight the owner even long after the initial unwrapping.

Avoid: Do not start with a three-piece garter one. It is best to start slow and figure out where the comfort and tastes lie. But after this step, go all-in!

NUMBER TWO: Go for high-quality fabrics

This aspect is vital, and one should not be skimpy when it comes to lingerie. Many factors matter when it comes to underwear shopping. And since this piece is delicate clothing, it requires the highest-quality materials to support the wearer.

From the technical perspective, the fit may be the most crucial factor, but solid construction matters, as well. When one goes deep into what makes a set standout, then silks, laces, embellishments, and unique design plays an integral part.

Avoid: Do not be afraid to be whimsical. The whole point of lingerie is associated with a sense of whimsy. The designs, cuts, and materials all play the role of imagination to spice things up.

NUMBER THREE: Change lingerie with each season

Like all fashion elements, lingerie is subject to seasons. It is always best to purchase the one in trend as it would have the latest innovations and technology used to make it in high quality.

If corsets were all the rage, last season and bodysuits are trending now, then go with the latest. For example, the latter created waves when celebrities wore it under their shirts or peeked from under their sweaters.

Avoid: Remember not to be too hung up on the trends. If one does not care about the fads or is unbothered by what other people think, then, by all means, follow the heart.

Other than the pointers mentioned above, always handwash the lingerie and store them safely. So go ahead and buy some sets and have fun while at it.

Author:  Alison Lurie