Ways to Adapt and Grow With Your Kids as They Grow Older

Growing up is a part of life that no one can escape, no matter how hard we try. The same applies to your children, but it’s just one of those things that you have to prepare yourself for. Instead of letting your kid’s childhood pass you buy, you can be proactive and grow with them, so you won’t feel so left behind.

As you look at your kids, sometimes you recall the time when you had carried them for nine months, and your friends and family threw you the cutest baby showers with those newborn sized, girly diaper cakes, reliving those cherished memories. Well, those days are long gone, so now you have to get with the program.

With time, not only will your kids get older but also independent; they won’t need your help as much as they did earlier, leaving you to feel like you’ve lost your purpose. That’s when it’s time to find a new purpose for yourself, and you can do that by finding an interest in things that they’re interested in (even if you’re really not). Doing so, sometimes, is a way for you to make a connection with them.

If your kid is growing up before your eyes, and you’re starting to have feelings of sadness, hold off on the waterworks. Take a look at these activities that may help you in connecting with your growing kid.

1. Play Video Games

Video games will always be a favorite among kids. It allows them to go into a fantasy world where they don’t have to be just themselves; they can be someone else, even for just a moment. You taking an interest in video games allows you to go into their fantasy world and you get to know your kid more than you actually do.

Now, don’t be surprised if they look at you funny when you ask if you can play with them. It will come off as weird to them because you’re “mom,” and moms don’t play video games.  That’s when you tell them that you’re not the average mom. You can even take your interest a step further by incorporating video games into birthday celebrations and rewards for academic accomplishments.

I’m not saying to become friends with your kids, because they still need to be able to distinguish between you in fun mode, and you as an authoritative figure maintaining respect and discipline, but when you are friendly with them, they become friends with you and develop the confidence to share their problems and dreams with you.

2. Find an Interest in the Same Sports as Them

Now, some moms have no problems at all in this area, especially if their child is an athlete, but if you are a mom who’s not particularly into sports, get into it! Fake it till you make it if you have too. Taking an interest in the sports they’re interested in is showing your support and encouraging them to do better.

If your child is an athlete, then you, of course, want to show up to as many of their games as you possibly can. If your child isn’t an athlete, then maybe go with them to games, or at least find a spot on the couch next to them to catch the game with them. You can even ask them questions about it, and they’ll explain things to you that you can learn from. This opens the lines of communication.

If you don’t know much about sports and it’s not easy for you to learn, you can also give your kids something that is related to their favorite sports, this could be a book, favorite sports posters or even sports kit.

3. Share a Growing Passion for Makeup

If you have a girl growing up, makeup will more than likely be a thing she will find an interest in. It never fails that girls want to dabble in makeup. We can even look at ourselves and think back to when we got into makeup. We would always see our mothers and grandmothers putting some on, and we would just look at them in the mirrors, eyes big, wanting them to put a little of their lipstick on us. If your daughter is finding an interest in it, make her day by dabbing a little blush on her cheeks.

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Let your kids grow the way they want to. They come from a different generation, a different era and it’s the parents who need to catch their pace.  Communicate with them, understand their feelings and read about them to not only be good parents but also make them good children.