Want to Introduce Yoga into Your Daily Life? Here Are 6 Tips to Get Started

Yoga is absolutely great for you. Not only does yoga do wonders for your muscles and joints, but it also reduces stress and tension throughout the body. Check out Breathing Deeply’s post and discover how yoga is simply great for the body and for the mind.

The best thing is, yoga is a very easy practice to get started in. Introducing yoga into your daily life is not an uphill struggle, but instead, it is an enjoyable process. These are our top 6 tips for getting started in daily yoga practice. 

Get a Mat

The first thing a yoga practitioner needs is a comfy space to stretch. You’ll need a mat ideally, as they provide a nice, even, comfortable surface for you to feel relaxed and connected to the earth. Australian premium yoga mat company Yogangstar explains in their journal that “This is the mat for your home, your sanctuary, your practice room. It’s not just a utilitarian object; it’s like a piece of furniture or art.” The mat is, therefore, the grounding and most central part of the yogi’s practice. A good mat will go a very long way in encouraging you to take up daily yoga practice. 

Watch Some Tutorials

Once you have a mat, you can start learning about the practice of yoga. The great thing about it is that even a beginner can get started with no formal training. All you need is a laptop set down next to your mat with an internet connection and you can find some beginner’s yoga classes online. Following along with a free online tutor can help you develop the basics of yoga very quickly. Plus, most of these classes are short and sweet, allowing you to develop your skills over a short amount of time.

Set Aside 15 Minutes

Now, we need to start making yoga become part of our daily routine. Again, you don’t need hours set aside. 15 minutes a day will be enough for you to reap the rewards. Maybe set aside a little more time on weekends if you feel like it, but on weekdays, 15 minutes will do you fine. Most people say that a morning session grounds them and sets their mood for the rest of the day. If you can make a 15 minute morning session part of your waking routine, you will surely notice the difference in no time.

Buy Some Comfy Clothes

Yoga is all about stretching, grounding, and connection with your body. The last thing you want is to be losing focus every few seconds because a t-shirt has dropped over your head, or your shorts are falling down! We recommend some comfy yoga pants and a tight – but breathable – top of some kind. There are plenty of yoga and fitness stores online where you can purchase comfy gear for reasonable prices, so there’s no need to push the boat out here. Ideally, you’ll already have some gym gear at home that will be perfectly transferable to yoga practice.

Buy Some Comfy Clothes

Grab Some Other Gear

As your skills develop and you try new poses, you may want to purchase some extra yoga equipment. For example, yoga blocks, which are designed to help you rest your ankles, knees, or other body parts when you can’t quite stretch into a full pose yet. You’ll probably also want a sports bottle of some kind, as the last thing you want is to knock a full glass of water on your luxury mat. Also, you could consider buying some scented candles to create a super relaxing environment for yourself to enjoy those morning sessions even more.

Consider Joining a Class

If you feel you have mastered beginner’s yoga at home, you could consider joining a class. Well, even if you’ve not mastered a thing! Classes can be great ways to develop your practice, take your poses to the next level, and learn one-to-one with an expert yoga instructor. Now, we understand you may not be able to fit this into your daily life. But, a yoga session with an instructor a couple of times a week can definitely add to your overall routine and make you a more confident, experienced yogi.

Following these six steps, you can quickly make yoga a regular fixture of your life. Making it daily is less of a challenge than you might think and once the routine has started, you’ll probably find yourself never wanting to break it! We hope you take these six tips forward with you and manage to make yoga a daily practice, making you feel fitter and stronger for life.