Vaping Safety – 8 Things to Look Out For as a Beginner

So, you’ve found out that vaping is a lot less harmful than smoking, and you want to switch to in order to preserve your lungs’ health? Well, yes, it’s safer, but it’s not exactly harmless, and there are still things you want to be careful with. With that in mind, before you go and choose a safe vaping device such as the great Suorin Air and the preferred flavor of e-juice, here are 8 things you want to look out for when starting out.

Vaping Is Healthier than Smoking

If you’ve been smoking traditional cigarettes, vaping is a much, much healthier option. There’s no doubt that vaping exposes you to much fewer toxic chemicals. The danger arises when you start vaping with a modified device, or modified e-liquids. If you want to stay on the safe side, stick to tried and tested products like the vape juice we mentioned earlier.

You’re Protecting Those Around You

This might sound funny, but passive smoking causes a lot of issues for the people that are in the room with you when you’re smoking a cigarette. On the other hand, when you’re vaping, the vapor that you exhale doesn’t have the same chemicals that are found in cigarettes, which makes it a much safer option. There’s basically no second-hand safety risk.

Keep in Mind the Social Aspect

This does depend a lot on where you live, but a lot of countries have started banning smoking inside closed-off rooms. While this does help from a health perspective, a lot of businesses have taken a hit because they’re suddenly not “smoker-friendly”. However, at this point, there’s no ban on vaping, which means you can go back inside instead of smoking out in the rain. Of course, in restaurants and cafes, it’s still a good idea to check with the staff whether or not it’s allowed. And to add to this, not everyone likes the vapor – don’t be that guy with the vape where nobody enjoys it.

You Can Taste Food Again

Smoking cigarettes has a significant impact on your taste and smell. This is something that happens over time, so you might not even notice it if you’ve been smoking for a while. But switch to vaping, and your taste and smell return. You’ll be able to taste and enjoy the food you’ve been eating, and you’ll basically start rediscovering flavors that were actually there the whole time – you just couldn’t sense them because you were smoking cigarettes. We’re only saying this because you don’t want to be caught off guard when you switch to vaping and food starts tasting funny.

While We’re Talking Tastes …

With cigarettes, you only have the taste of tobacco, which not everyone loves. On the other hand, vaping gives you the ability to pick and choose your flavor. A lot of vape liquids will come in a variety of flavors and you can go for the one you like most. This is another one of those significantly underrated benefits of vaping and is the one people actually like the most once they get the hang of it. You can even go as far as combining flavors to get something that’s unique and you personally love! Just make sure you’re careful with this, and you’re using reputable flavors, as this is a major safety concern.

Avoid Black-Market Vaping Products Like the Plague

With vaping rising in popularity, a lot of companies (and individuals) want to get in on the market. However, not all of them are registered and not all of them are safe. The vaping black market has a lot of products that come from unknown manufacturers, and you have no way of knowing how safe they are. And we aren’t just talking about vape juices, but also vape pens and vaporizers. These can be outright dangerous, so again, and we can’t stress this enough, stick to reputable manufacturers like the vape juice we mentioned earlier.

Avoid Black-Market Vaping Products Like the Plague

If You Aren’t a Smoker, Vaping Isn’t a Good Idea

We already mentioned that vaping is significantly healthier than smoking. However, it is also more harmful than not smoking anything at all. Therefore, if you’re a traditional cigarette smoker, by all means, consider making the switch. But if you don’t smoke cigarettes, it’s not that much of a good idea to start vaping, honestly. You should just stick to not smoking, as that’s as healthy as it gets.

Vaping Impacts Young Adults Quite a Bit

It’s not really vaping itself, but nicotine in general that impacts parts of your brain that control your learning, mood, attention and impulse control. A younger brain builds synapses, connections between brain cells, a lot quicker than an adult brain, which is why this is critical for young adults. Nicotine impacts how these synapses are formed, which is why you’re best if you stay away from it as much as possible. But if you’re already smoking cigarettes, switch to vaping, it does make a difference.