Using Pinterest for Homeschooling Ideas

Homeschooling is one of the most effective methods of teaching children in various subjects in education. The number of homeschooled children is rising over the years due to the fact that this system allows the teacher or the tutor to get hands-on in teaching a child since most homeschooling sessions are conducted on a one-on-one meeting.

In addition, not only will the teacher be able to eliminate the weaknesses and enhance the strengths that a child has in learning, but parents can also help in their children’s education by providing fun activities during breaks or after school hours to continue to the learning process of kids even during their free time.

Parents may have a difficult time coming up with learning activities on their own, that’s why most of them would consult the internet to find out which projects are the best ones in providing both enjoyment and education for their children.

However, simply searching on Google may not be enough to truly find great homeschooling activities, as Google’s search bar may sometimes suggest websites or pages that are entirely unrelated to a particular topic that you are looking for.

a tutor teaching a child

That is why discovery and inspiration websites like Pinterest are created in order to give ideas more efficiently compared to Google. Pinterest will be able to give parents better homeschooling activities, and the ideas that they suggest are shown through images or videos, which is much more pleasing than a wall of text provided by search engines.

Getting Started

Once you set up a Pinterest account through a computer or a smartphone app, you will immediately be greeted with topics that you can put a checkmark on to personalize your account’s home page. The home page shows several “pins” created by other users that are related to the topics that you’ve selected.

These pins have the same purpose as bookmarks, as they can be placed on website pages or blog posts that you find interesting to put in your account’s bulletin board, but you would need to download the Pinterest browser button to enable this feature in your favorite web browser.

To pin a web page, you would need to click on the small Pinterest logo at the top right corner of the browser, and then you would need to pick an image that appears on the page itself to serve as your pin. After pinning the website, you can check your account and see if the image that you have chosen is already showing on your bulletin board.

If you haven’t set up a bulletin board in your account, the Pinterest browser button will allow you to create a board before pinning the web page. You can add more bulletin boards either on the browser button or on the Pinterest website, and you can also change or add topics you have previously picked by clicking the “Topics” button on your profile page.

Finding Homeschooling Ideas

For homeschooling ideas, you should name the bulletin board “homeschool” or any words related to the keywords because once you do this, and Pinterest will automatically suggest several pins below the bulletin board to get you started in pinning or saving other people’s pins.

In addition, once you use Pinterest’s search bar to find homeschooling ideas, the site or app will also recommend homeschool-related pins below the bar the next time you use it.

The pins that some users attach to Pinterest would sometimes have texts that will give you a general idea of what the pinned web page is about, so you won’t have to constantly click on search results and see which ones are genuinely related to the topic that you are searching for.

Besides finding pins that show fun homeschool activities for your child, some pins also give tips on what you should do during homeschool sessions or what you need to know about the different aspects of the said method of education.

Moreover, there are users and accounts that are dedicated to providing pins related to homeschooling like 101 Home School Idea and HomeschoolJulie.

For teachers or parents, there are pins that give advice on several different topics in homeschooling, such as teaching various grade levels in homeschool, effective ways of planning homeschoolschedules, and projects that they can implement to not make lessons boring during a session.

Also, teenagers who are going to start their first homeschool year can get tips on how to prepare for it by searching through Pinterest. Young adults who are currently homeschooled can find pins that give recommendations on how to cope with stress and fatigue during exams or challenging assignments.

Organizing Pins

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the different topics on homeschooling that Pinterest has to offer, you can group all of these topics in various bulletin boards in your account. For example, homeschooling ideas for math can be placed in a bulletin board labeled “homeschooling ideas for math,” while other subjects like science or art can be pinned to other bulletin boards.

By organizing each topic related to homeschooling, it would make it easier for you to find the pin that you need during certain situations quickly.

Because Pinterest is relatively easy and convenient to use, it has been used by thousands of users who are also looking for homeschooling ideas. Due to the many pins and searches on the topic, Pinterest has garnered over 100,000 pins related to homeschooling, and it will continuously grow as users will keep pinning fascinating articles, blog posts, or web pages.