Useful Tips on Improving Your Home Security

While you might be conscious and aware of what could happen, it’s actually alarming how many homeowners don’t really pay enough attention to home security. The “who would want to rob me?” mindset leads them to believe they don’t need to invest in making their home a more secure place, and it’s exactly that that will get them in trouble someday.

So, if you’re one of those homeowners who appreciate the peace of mind and wants to know their home is secure, how do you improve your home security? The answer is pretty simple, and there are a couple of options.

Make sure your doors are secure

Yes, this does sound like a no-brainer. But you know what? 34% of burglars actually just stroll in through your front door, meaning there’s plenty of homeowners that don’t make sure that front door is as secure as it should be.

The first thing to do is to check your door. Make sure the door frames are strong, make sure the door hinges are protected. If you have a mail slot on your door, make sure it’s one that burglars can’t use to reach through it and unlock the door for them.

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When it comes to installing additional security, you could either install a deadbolt or a smart lock if you want to go high tech. A deadbolt is secure but still requires a traditional key to get in. A smart lock, on the other hand, can be unlocked with a fingerprint, pin, or your smartphone. Which one you go for is completely up to you, but by all means, do add some security.  Also be sure to check out these tips on how to prevent your house from being robbed as well.

Oh, and a neat way to add even more security to your entrance is a smart video doorbell. That way, you can see who’s at your front door and decide whether or not to let them in, without being physically present, from your smartphone.

Secure those windows, too

The second most popular entry point for burglars is windows. Unfortunately, depending on your windows’ manufacturer, you might end up with a flimsy and ineffective latch that’s easy to get into. You can reinforce this with a better lock, or a lever that’s key operated.

Another thing you can do is add a window security film that keeps your window in one piece even if someone tries to break it. And if you want to be alerted, you can install a glass, or window break sensor that will send a notification to your phone if something happens.

Other, sturdier methods of defense include having window bars, but these will mess with the exterior look of your home. Or, you could have prickly bushes under your windows on the ground floor, but do make sure you keep them trimmed.  Don’t forget to secured your home when you will enjoy songs with your family. It is so much important. So, keep your home safe with a perfect home security system & enjoy these songs that we listed here. Bingo!

Set up a quality security system

While you could have your doors and windows as secure as possible and install electric gates for houses, it’s always smart to take advantage of technology and install a good home security system. Regardless of whether you go DIY and set things up yourself, or you hire a contractor to get things done for you, it’s important that you do have things set up.  Be sure to check out great options like MegaSystemsSecurity as well.

You’ll want CCTV cameras on the inside, as well as the outside, that can record high-quality video. Even better, you can go for smart cameras that allow you to look at footage live from your smartphone at any time, even when you aren’t at home. Find the best cctv at home that will make sure your home is 100% safe. Make sure they also have night vision, and the ones on the outside should be waterproof. A smart lock and doorbell is also a good addition, and if you have a larger yard, you could place a few motion sensors that would trigger the cameras in case someone is snooping around where they shouldn’t be.  Consider great options like vivint home as well.

Your Wi-Fi network should be as secure as possible

While technology does improve home security by quite a bit, it also has one major downside. All devices are connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, and anyone who gains access to it could access your smart home devices pretty easily since they’re connected to the same network.

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A good starting point is to have WPA2 encryption and a strong, secure password. If you want to, and your router supports it, you can even go as far as creating a separate, hidden network for your smart devices. This way, even if someone does access your home network, they still don’t have access to your smart door lock or CCTV system.


Whether you go for smart devices that are always online and you can control from your smartphone, or you decide to be a bit more traditional, there’s plenty of ways you can improve your home’s security. When you’ve got a secure home, sleeping peacefully is much easier, and any investment is more than worth it.