Unusual Asian Beers To Try

After a long flight to a distant nation, chilled beer is the perfect way to unwind. After all, we may speak various languages and have different cultures, but we may all like beer at the end of the day.

While everyone is familiar with the most well-known brands accessible internationally, it may be time to expand your pallet and try new flavors, especially if you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia. All of the countries have a diverse choice of foods and beverages, so you’ll have the opportunity to sample their unique beers. 

Here is the list of unusual Asian beers to try!


Chang is a famous beer in Thailand, with a full flavor and a bright golden color. It was founded in 1995 and it has a faint fruit aroma and is best served chilled. The manufacturer stated that their deepwater wells, which collect water from 200 meters underground, deliver soft, low-mineral-content water free of impurities. Don’t worry if you can’t travel to the country and sample this brew. Chang beer is sold in 50 countries worldwide, including India, the United States, Russia, Canada, and Switzerland.

Location: Thailand

Perfect Pair: To satisfy the desire for something spicy with the beer, try Chang with Naem sausages (fermented Thai pork sausages) or Thai Massaman chicken curry with rice.



Anyone who has visited Singapore has almost certainly seen this. On the other hand, Tiger offers a variety of flavors, including Tiger White, Tiger Black, and even Tiger Crystal. Meanwhile, the original Tiger beer was introduced in 1932 and is a pale lager with a full-bodied flavor. Ingredients are sourced from Australia and Europe, and the beer is made in Singapore. Indeed, the beer is made for 500 hours using solely solar power, which is no surprise why it is ranked among the top 10 Asian beers! You can take a tour of the Tiger brewery to learn more about the process while tasting beer.

Location: Singapore

Perfect Pair: Tiger pairs well with tasty street cuisine. Sweet and spicy chicken rice or sour, savory, and spicy bak chor mee (mixed noodle dish). For a unique flavor, you could have orh luak (oyster omelette).



Lao brewery, which has been in operation since 1973, brews this multi-award-winning beer. The brewery also produces carbonated drinks and bottled water using European Brewery Convention-certified procedures. This beer is available in two flavors: white lager and dark lager. 

The beer has a thick frothy head and is a light, transparent golden color. The beer is created using environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

Location: Laos

Perfect Pair: Sui Oua, herb-infused pork sausages with a mild sour flavor; or Sin Dat, a Lao BBQ with various meats and vegetables. Another delicacy to try is Ping Moo, which is barbecued pork paired with sticky rice. More adventurous tourists can try fried insects (crickets and waterbugs), which they can drink down with a pint of Beerlao.

Bia Hoi

Bia Hoi, the drink that binds Vietnamese people together, is a light draft beer left by the French, along with the Hommel Brewery, which became Hanoi Brewery in 1954. The beer is a Vietnamese specialty, a light and a watered-down beverage containing only 4% alcohol. Because of its low-cost price, it is ideal for individuals on a tight budget. One can go to Bia Hoi corner, where the street is lined with bright green, red, and blue seats. Locals congregate in incredible numbers to have a taste of this brew. Someone might even buy you a glass to welcome you (due to the low price).

Location: Vietnam

Perfect Pair: Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich with a baguette-like bread filled with pork and vegetables. People frequently consume roasted peanuts, rice crackers, or crispy pumpkin seeds while drinking.



Angkor lager is the country’s most popular beer with a deep, rich flavor. The Khmer Angkor temples inspired the name. The Sambrew Brewery in Sihanoukville produces it. The brewery has been in operation since 1963. The beer is clear gold in color and has a slight bitterness to it.

Location: Cambodia

Perfect Pair: Amok is a fish-based dish served with rice and fried eggs in a banana leaf. Fresh spring rolls are another option. Beef Lok Lak, beef cooked in a lime and pepper sauce and served with eggs and fried potatoes, is a must-try.

Bir Bintang


Bir Bintang, the country’s most popular beer, can be found in practically any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. The beer is a golden, pleasant drink with no discernible flavor. A thin white head coats the beer. Indeed, it is frequently compared to the Heineken beer (Bintang is a part of the company itself). Bintang is a moderate beer that is easy to drink and can be enjoyed by everyone. Bir Bintang in Indonesian, the word signifies “star.” 

Location: Indonesia

Perfect Pair: Barbecue assortments, grilled fish, or rica rica, a meat meal prepared with various spices, particularly red chilies.



Lion, the country’s number one brewery, is a popular drink in Sri Lanka, available in lager, stout, and strong varieties. The lager is their best-selling product. It’s a moderate beer with a golden roasted malt flavor, and fruit and caramel undertones and drinks have a mild sweetness. Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC claims to produce beer using traditional recipes and techniques since 1860. On the label, the lion represents visionary leadership and power.

Location: Sri Lanka

Perfect Pair:  Curries can be made with meat or vegetables and come in various flavors, such as garlic, jackfruit, aubergine, and pumpkin. You can also get spicy devilled prawns or Bittara Appa, a wok-shaped batter with a fried egg in the middle.