Types of Ladder Desks You May Consider for a Home Office

Attempting to work while seated on your bed or couch gives rise to neck and back pains as time progresses. You need a dedicated workstation to be your productive best when operating from home. The right ladder desk upgrades even an awkward corner within your tiny apartment into an ideal home office.

A stylish desk that resembles a ladder proves multi-functional as it has a larger shelf to place your device. You can utilize the upper shelves to display your books and other decorative items. Considering these desks taper towards the wall, they conserve space.

Home Office Desk Considerations

It helps first to identify the purpose of investing in a home office working space. Do you intend to use it occasionally or full-time? Besides your desktop or laptop, does your desk need to accommodate files and other paperwork?

Accordingly, you will get clarity on the size and features your potential home office desk must possess. Now you can figure out the ideal location to place your desk at home. Measuring the space available before sourcing your desk is advisable to narrow your choices and make an appropriate selection.

Types of Ladder or Leaning Desks

Within this desk category, there are some practical and functional options available. These include:

Compact Yet, Spacious

An affordable desk, although compact, does also provide adequate space to store your office essentials. The main desk area gives you an option to place your monitor at eye level so that you can position a keyboard below.

Above the main desk area are two smaller shelves with varying heights. These stylishly simple ladder desks you can place against a wall or corner. They come in natural wood finishes and muted tones.

Slanting and Sleek

Why not invest in a ladder desk with modern simplicity? Creating this minimalist look is a sleek and slanting frame supported on two legs.

A cubby below the main desk area caters for storage in addition to the two upper shelves. This particular desk is available in black, tan, white, and brown shades.

Securely Vertical

The two legs of this desk have a provision on top to drill them into the wall for a secure fit. Due to its vertical design, the legs take up minimal floor space as they stand parallel to your wall.

To cater to your main work, the lowermost shelf is wider while the top two shelves are narrower. You can source these vertical ladder desks in white and oak colors.

Contemporary and Angular

This contemporary design closely resembles an inverted numeric seven. Its angular frame supports three levels of shelves, including its main desk.

The latter houses a pull-out drawer and an exposed storage section under it. To suit your decor and personal style, you can choose from a range of color options.

Larger Working Area

You can effortlessly accommodate your official devices and stationery on this spacious desk. The main workspace is 18 inches deep and 40 inches wide. Besides the two uppermost shelves, another shelf at a level lower than the actual desk allows for extra storage.

Rely on the valuable insights shared by a WFH veteran who knows how to create a spectacular home office.