Types of Heating Systems – All You Need to Know

Choosing a reliable heating system is not an easy task. It needs a lot of research and knowledge about different systems so that you can choose one that is perfect for your home. If you are going for an energy-efficient system, then it will reduce your costs, but it depends on your need and on the size of your house.

Providing heat to your home is important as the human body needs to take it for avoiding any health issues in the cold season. That is the reason for which every home and commercial establishment has its own heating system installed. Most of the heating systems are powered by electricity and you can find an electric water heater by Culm Stores Distribution Elterm Ltd. if you are looking for a heating system to heat up your water for daily use.

Types of Heating Systems

Three major types of heating systems for home are:

  1. Central Heating System (Ducted)
  2. Ductless Heating System
  3. Direct Heating System

Central Heating System (Ducted)

The central heating system offers the facility for warning the entire building or for more than one room. There is a central heat source that provides heat everywhere through ducts or a network of pipes. It needs to be fixed for a large interior as it requires larger space.

Three main central heating systems are:

  1. Boilers
  2. Furnaces
  3. Heat Pumps

Ductless Heating Systems

A ductless heating system is free from the network of pipes, vents, or ducts for keeping your house heated. It is not a complex system and also not much expensive with easy installation. You will have to install it for every room separately, though. It is energy efficient as it has an indoor unit for the inside of the house and a compressor to install outside.

Ductless heating systems are:

  1. Window AC with Heat
  2. Minisplit Heat Pumps
  3. Portable Air Conditioner with Heat

Direct Heating Systems

Direct heating involves getting heat directly from a heat source. It does not need any installation and complex processes. You just need a simple device to place in your room and it can be sufficient.

Direct heating systems types are:

  1. Unvented Gas Heaters
  2. Gas Space Heaters
  3. Electric Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are used to get a supply of warm water for your kitchen, washrooms, and other places you need water. It makes your life easier as the direct water you get can be cold enough not being able to be used. You can get a good and reliable electric water heater from Culm Stores Distribution Elterm Ltd.

Electric water heaters can come in different forms like:

  1. Storage Water Heaters
  2. Tankless Water Heaters
  3. Pump Water Heaters

Which is the Best Heating System for You?

It totally depends on what system you want to choose by keeping your needs in consideration. Always choose the one which is energy efficient, easy to handle, safe, and cost-effective at the same time.

If you have no issues with cost then going with a central system is the best. But, if you are looking for a cheaper option, it is good to have a ductless or direct system for making your cold days warm.

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