Types of Cases That are Handled By Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers are the ones you should contact if you want to get compensation when someone’s negligence has caused you harm. If you have a deal with an insurance company, you may only get a settlement and not the full sum that you deserve.

Personal injury lawyers specialize in some types of situations. Some of which are the following:

Dog Bites

If a dog bites you, you may not only be physically but also emotionally scarred. The expert lawyers at bayoucitylaw.com/dog-bites-attorney-in-houston-tx/ have stated that dog bite is one of the most common situations on which the case is built, with about 4.5 million cases being reported every year. In most cases, the owner of the dog is responsible for any injury caused by it. In some places, the owner is only responsible if the dog has shown aggression in the past. To be able to get the full compensation, you should hire an expert and set an appointment for consultations.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common cause of a personal injury lawsuit. Usually, a car accident is caused by somebody’s negligence on the road. Nonetheless, however common they are, getting full compensation for them is a complicated process. When you find yourself in court for a car accident lawsuit, you need to have an abundance of evidence that you are not a guilty party. Personal testimony will not be enough, so you have to have pictures of the scene, pictures of both cars, license plate numbers, and even video evidence from traffic cameras is possible. All of that could be too much for you to handle, and because of that, it is important to hire an attorney.

Traffic Accidents

Other types of traffic accidents could be even more complicated than a simple car accident. If they are, for example, caused by a large vehicle, like a semi-truck or a bus, the consequences could be grave and the process of a lawsuit more lengthy and tiring. It could be a bicycle, pedestrian, truck, or public transport accident. Each of these types is different, and every accident could have happened in their own circumstances.


Defamation of character, or slander, means that your personal reputation has been hurt or destroyed by an untrue statement made by another person. The person whose reputation has been damaged needs to prove that the statement has hurt them. Also, it is best to have a written or recorded statement, as it holds better in court than just an oral testimony. Personal injury lawyers are there to make sure to find the exact evidence of that happening. Most often, celebrities and other wealthy people are those who make this kind of lawsuit.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is when a medical caretaker does a bad job of caring for a patient, usually with the result of physical harm. This portion of the law is extremely complex, so you would be in dire need of hiring a professional. In some cases, it is not easy to prove that the medical provider didn’t offer the care that is up to expected standards. That could mean that the surgery has been done on the wrong part of the body, the medical practitioner has misdiagnosed the patient, or made a lapse of judgment. To prove this, you will probably need multiple witnesses to the misconduct.

Premises Liability

This type of personal injury case means that a person has sustained an injury on somebody else’s property. Owners of the property have a legal duty to have it void of dangers, or at least they give a warning about certain harm that may occur on their lot. For example, you are a plumber, and your job is to fix a broken pipe in the person’s basement. They didn’t warn you about a broken step when going down, and you fall through it and injure yourself. You can make a lawsuit and punish them for their negligence. Some other types of situations could be that you have slipped and fallen in the convenience store, or unfortunately, an armed robber has caused you an injury.

Before you decide on hiring a personal injury lawyer, you should make sure to talk to them and decide if they have the required experience and knowledge about the situation you have found yourself in. Make an appointment for consultations and try to describe the situation in great detail. Trust should be built between you and your lawyer, and that requires total transparency the entire time.