Trending Styles of Glass Shelves in 2021

What is a glass shelf? 

A glass shelf is a flat glass surface used for holding or exhibiting objects. Often, it is held up by a frame that holds the shelf in place or by brackets or other hardware that attach to the wall. Glass shelves can be made to match a particular area or need by choosing from a range of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.

Several types of glass can be used to create glass shelves, but tempered glass, which has been heat-treated to increase its strength and durability above the plain glass, is the most popular choice. Tempered glass is also safer because it is made to shatter into little, dull bits as opposed to big, sharp shards.

Vases, picture frames, and mementos are frequently stored or displayed on glass shelves in homes and businesses. Moreover, you can store books, electronics, and other useful objects in them. Glass shelves can add a clean and contemporary appeal to a space and serve as a functional and adaptable storage option.

Glass shelving in 2021 seems like the only available shelving option because of the kind of edge it has over other kinds of shelving. Take wood shelving, for example, you’d have to spray it often to prevent rutting and for longevity. Wood cannot be compared to glass in terms of aesthetics, glass looks much more pleasing to the eyes than wood. In the case of metal shelving, metals rust over time and they need a ridiculous amount of energy to produce. See why I said glass shelving seems like the only option? With glass shelving, you’d get a modern look shelf with an incomparable aesthetic advantage. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best display case for lego, click the link.

Also check out long span shelving as well.

Why using shelves made of glass?

When it comes to shelving, glass shelving is the best route to top-notch aesthetics. It oozes class, elegance, and creates a rare ambiance and feel that stands your interior out from the rest. And guess what? It will save you money in the long run because of its low maintenance abilities. Here are a few reasons to further prove my point.

Abundance of materials

Some materials for shelf making are harvested and manufactured in ways that are hazardous to the environment. Metal shelf manufacturing involves processes that consume too much energy and give off harmful emission, wood shelf manufacturing requires cutting down trees which are not so good for our natural environment.

Glass is made from sand and sand is a highly abundant material. Glass manufacturing also gives off emission but they are less harmful to the environment when compared with manufacturing materials such as aluminum, plastic, and steel. Additionally, glass is a highly recyclable material, so glass shelves can be made from recycling materials.



One of the best benefits of glass shelving is that they’re transparent. When you place your most prized accessories on a shelf, you don’t have to worry about the shelf distracting or overshadowing your most priced piece. The aesthetics of the glass shelf will improve the general look of your accessory – giving your visitors a new perspective that wouldn’t normally be seen with a traditional shelf.

Lighting effect

Lighting effect

Take wooden shelves, for example, wooden shelves require individual lighting for each cubicle or exterior track lighting, but glass shelves allow light to shine through from above and below.

Glass lighting can create an amazing effect, especially in a dark room. The light reflected through the glass shelf can give additional under lighting

Another benefit of glass shelving is a little more psychological. Décor experts perceive them to be almost as delicate as the items displayed on them. Some visitors would like to handle your priced accessories on the shelf – if it’s a glass shelf they will be more careful and handle does items with more care.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

With glass shelves, you don’t have to worry about rusting or rutting. To maintain your glass shelf, all you’d need is clean water and a clean cloth. Wipe gently up and down to clean your glass shelf and try and clean your shelf often so the shelf doesn’t lose its spark.

Modern designs of glass shelves that enhance the value of your property

It is no secret that glass shelving has taken over the home décor industry – and rightly so because it is a thing of beauty to behold. These days, we now have great design collections to choose from. From bulb glass shelving to window glass shelving, the designs are numerous. Here are a few designs to look out for.

Mirrored shelf: Ideal for bedroom to have enhanced light

This ultra-modern design features a symmetrical mirrored structure which makes it a great asset for your bedroom and living room. This kind of shelve doesn’t just beautify your space, it increases the value of your home.

Inbuilt wall shelving: Ideal for TV lounge to add some décor elements

This looks very simple but it’s a rare shelving design. Here, you’d need to make a hole in your walls – a rectangular-shaped hole or even a round shaped hole. Then incorporate glass shelves in the hole, you can add things like flower or lighting to make it more attractive.

Window shelving: Ideal for kitchen windows to see nature while cooking

You wouldn’t see this type of shelving often – it is a rare style of glass shelving design adopted recently by décor experts. Window shelving is mainly for flower displays, you can place all kinds of flowers on them and beautify your house. One of the good things about window shelving is that it improves the aesthetics of your house even from the outside.

LED glass shelving: Ideal for drawing room

This type of shelves is designed mainly with LED light all over the glass shelf. Imagine the kind of look and feel it will bring to your space. Some of this type of modern shelving comes with remote controls with which you can on/off the light, change the light color, and change the light pattern. Explore more ideas to install glass shelves to create sleek and elegant space in your home

Aquarium glass shelf: Serves as decorative piece in the waiting room

Aquarium glass shelf

This is a long time practice but it is still very much in use. An aquarium shelf is gorgeous to the eyes, just watching the fishes do their thing, and feeding them is amazing. Some aquariums come with live fishes, where you have to feed them and keep them alive – while some others come with chemically infused fishes, they are not real but they can move. You can add lighting to your aquarium shelf to make it more chic.

The Latest trend of accessories used with Glass Shelves: Shelve Clamps and Brackets

Shelf clamps and brackets come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the purpose of use. These days, there are sleek looking modern brackets and clamps that will enhance the look of your shelf. Here are a few. Aside from this, learn about types of brackets over here

Chrome glass shelf bracket

Made with alloy, the chrome bracket is a thing of beauty. This bracket will give your shelf an elegant look because it covers less space and looks attractive. You can use this bracket for your office shelving and living room shelving. It comes in different sizes (200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm) and can be sold individually.

Glass clamps and stand-off hardware

What better way to improve the looks of your glass shelf if not by incorporating glass panels and clamps? Companies offer varieties of aluminum and stainless steel glass clamps plus glass stand-offs that will support your needs. The glass clamps come in different sizes and styles and are designed to work with panels between 6mm to 12mm. Can it be used for outdoor clamping? The answer is yes. Glass clamps also come in 316 versions which are perfect for outdoor clamping and even marine usage.

Creative ways to use glass shelves at home

Colored Glass Design Panels

You should always be aware that glass is produced in a range of colors, including both muted and bright colors. You may buy tinted glass in different shapes and sizes and make wall decorations that scream elegance, much like a piece of art. Also, the room’s light reflections may provide some highly interesting optical illusions and add color to an otherwise colorless space.

Glass Shelves in the kitchen

An open decor concept would be something to think about if you wanted to be creative with your kitchen storage. That might include doing away with cabinets in favor of glass shelving where you might arrange fine china and crystal. Because of the freedom this method would give you, you could come up with a wide variety of wall designs that would make your kitchen unique on the planet.

Standard Standing Glass Shelving

You could still use glass as the foundation for typical standing glass shelving in any of your rooms if you prefer a more traditional style of decorating. It’s a nice way to showcase colorful decorative pieces and add a little zing to even the most basic-looking decor.

Floating Glass Shelving

The best optical illusion can be achieved by mounting glass panels to platinum or metal structures in a way that gives the shelves the appearance of floating or being suspended in the air. If you are trying to match shelves with highly modern design, this would be the ideal choice.

Glass Window Shelving

When installing a shelf to or around a window area, no one with a mind would utilize wood shelves. It would cover the window, obstructing the light and any possible views on the other side. The barrier issue is solved using glass shelves. Because of this, you can construct glass shelving around and in front of your windows for a really elegant appearance.

Glass Panels Across a Mirror

You should add more light to your bathroom to give it a little more space. Installing glass shelving across your bathroom mirror is a fantastic method to achieve that. We are referring to the idea of strategically positioning glass shelving across the mirror’s body, not at the base. Clear glass and mirrors used as a showcase feature add elegance to any space.

Hanging Glass Shelves

A hanging shelf idea could be used as a creative way to hang glass panels from the ceiling to the floor. This idea has the potential to attract plenty of visitors. To create a museum-style display in your house, utilize hanging shelves with glass panels to display a collection of fine ceramics or crystal objects.

Bent a Beveled Glass Shelving

Glass is not always straight. Glass artisans are capable of producing glass panels in a variety of forms and dimensions. You’d be surprised at how elegant bent or beveled glass shelving may appear on walls that would otherwise be devoid of any flashy or ornamental details.

Collection Organizing

We mentioned the display of collections in one of the above mentioned possibilities. Glass panels come in a several colors, sizes, and forms, so you can use them to make a decorative display area along a wall where you can proudly place the things you’ve gathered over the years. You could dedicate an entire wall to such a show if you really want to go all out.

Wall Partitions

Consider a glass panel for a second as a window rather than a shelf. Glass panels and shelves can be used to make windows and room divisions. Glass dividers in a color of your choice would be a fantastic way to bring color to any room.


In this article, you will learn the trending styles of glass shelves in 2021. Also, you will learn the advantages of using glass shelves and its types. Using glass shelves can make your home look elegant and classy. So, this will be the best guide in choosing what kind of glass shelf will suite your homes.