Traveling with Your Pet Done Right – How to Have a Safe Trip

Traveling with pets has earned some bad press in the past few years. With rules that don’t allow owners to travel with their pets in the cabin, every flight becomes a traumatic experience for pets and owners alike. As the risks of traveling with a pet outweigh the benefits, pet owners have to find another option to ensure their pet’s safety and well-being.

In this article, we’ll share the best ways to prepare for a long trip and have your dog safe and happy. We will also offer a few pieces of advice so you could enjoy the traveling experience without additional stress. Meanwhile, for a trusted road transport service for puppies and other small animals, we recommend you contact The Puppy Taxi.

Book Everything in Advance

When you book your rental early, you can make sure to get a pet-friendly room as most hotels have a limited number of rooms reserved for guests with pets. Don’t forget that airlines and trains also have a limited capacity for pet use, so it’s good to book ahead of time and know that you have a spot for your animal.

However, if you feel that searching for a good pet-friendly hotel or plane tickets with a certain airline is overwhelming – there is a solution. With specialized Pet Transport Pro Service, you can travel knowing that your pet is in the right hands and that it will arrive at your address. What’s more, this way of traveling might significantly reduce your costs as you can get cheaper plane tickets and have a flexible schedule.

Microchip Your Pet

Yes, you heard us right. Every animal should travel with basic information about the owner and their cell number. There’s no better way of doing it than with a microchip that contains all the necessary information about you and your pet. 

Since chipped animals are twice as likely to be reunited with their owners, it’s important to keep your data up to date and if you haven’t done it – book your next appointment before your next trip.

Get a Carrier and Use it at Home

As soon as you buy a pet carrier, try to include it in your daily routines. Also, you can get some toys or other traveling accessories to make your pet entertained while they are inside. You might try to use it once a week to start creating a habit and start taking them with you whenever possible.

In some cases, pets start sleeping in the crate once they feel comfortable, even prefer it to their home bed. After a while, once you notice that your pet knows how to behave in a carrier and it’s ready for a longer trip.

Keep Medical Record with You

Gathering all medical information about your pet is very important. What’s more, since you never know when someone might ask to see it to check your animal’s health, you should always keep everything with you. Some people scan all those documents and have them on a USB or in the cloud so that they could be accessed easily.

When you need to travel and want your pet’s company, keep in mind that it will take a bit of planning and research. With more pet owners that decided to travel, airlines had to modify some of the rules to make everyone’s trip more pleasant. But, if you need to get somewhere fast, your pets can travel separately and wait for you anywhere you want.