Transform The Look Of Your Living Room With These Cool Tricks

Your living room is probably where you spend most of your time whenever you are at home. With the Coronavirus social distancing and lockdown measures, this amount of time has probably doubled or even tripled over the past year. Our living rooms are now where we eat, watch TV, work, and even spend time with family. Normally, we would all eventually get bored of how the room looks. With people spending more and more time at home, the number of home renovation and improvement projects has skyrocketed. Everyone is now paying more attention to the less-than-ideal details of their home and all the outdated color schemes or furniture that need an upgrade. The only problem is that not everyone has the time or the luxury to take on major home renovation projects. This is why we are here to tell you how you can transform the look of your living room with these cool tricks.

Rug Upgrade

An easy way to achieve a simple yet effective style refresher is by changing your rug. Rugs, especially fluffy ones, can accumulate a lot of dirt, stains, bacteria, food crumbs, and more, even if you do your best to clean them regularly. This will not only affect how your living room looks, but it can also project a great deal of negative energy onto your living room. Besides the cleanliness aspect, rugs are major design elements of your home. They come in many style, print, size, and color possibilities, making them a major element in design reinforcement. They can be used to add dimension, texture, and personality to your living room. Upgrading your rug can be the perfect way to adorn your home with a statement piece and liven up your living room. Check out these different fresh design trends of cowhide rugs from Art Hide that are sure to bring unique accents to your living room.

Throw Cushions

One of the best ways to transform the way that your living room looks without spending much time, money, or effort is by updating your throw cushions. Throw cushions, if utilized correctly, can easily become the center of attention of any room. They have the power to add character, style, and edge to any room. If you are in New Zealand, you may come in contact with endless options when it’s time to choose your throw cushions. The cushion providers at suggest that you plan out your cushion arrangement beforehand. This is because If you feel torn between multiple shades, patterns, or prints, your room can undoubtedly turn into a hot mess.

To choose your throw cushions, you must decide on a color palette that you will not deviate from. Make sure that the color scheme matches the color of your walls and furniture. You should also consider arranging your cushions symmetrically, as layering different cushions could make the room look very busy. When picking out the fabric, make sure to choose one small, simple print, a solid color, and a large, busy print. The largest cushions, or the ones that come in the middle, should be the ones that incorporate the large busy print. This will set the tone for the entire room, as well as the pillow arrangement. Place the smaller cushions toward the ends of your sofa and make sure that there are just enough cushions so that you feel comfortable.

Rearrange the Room

Rearranging the entire room is a free way to give your living room the makeover that you need. When you rearrange all the furniture, appliances, and room accessories, you will be forced to declutter your room and throw away useless debris or give some things up for charity. You will also get the chance to clean areas, such as beneath heavy rugs or furniture, that are usually out of your reach. This will free up space in your living room, giving it a fresh, polished feel. Decluttering the room will also make you feel happier and accomplished. After getting rid of the things you no longer need, you will be able to reorganize the remaining items in ways that are efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Rearranging your room can spark creativity and bring about some positive energy.

Table Vignette

Since your coffee table is the center of your room’s attention, you may want to give it a small upgrade. Giving your table a vignette, or upgrading the one that you already own, is an awesome way to revive your living room’s look. Whether you are into scented candles, flowers, or perhaps both, a table vignette is a nice way to go.

There are endless, simple ways in which you can give your living room a much-needed transformation. From decluttering your home to going all out on cushion and rug upgrades, you will feel better about all the time that you spend at home. These tips will help you achieve the style refresher that you have been searching for.