Top Window Trends for 2022

The word trend might scare some homeowners off when talking about their windows. After all, windows are a significant investment that should last for years, even decades. It’s not a good idea to choose them based on a passing fad.

Thankfully, window trends often, but not always, have longer lifespans, and as long as you stick to a few tules, it’s easy to end up with a look that complements the styles of today while achieving a timeless aesthetic that will last.

And that’s a good thing. After many homeowners have spent years cooped up in their homes, styles have shifted to keep up with the ever-shifting demands our homes need to meet. Comfort, joy and optimal use are more important than ever before as homeowners realize they don’t know what’s around the corner. Take a look at the top window trends for 2022 and beyond.

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Energy Efficiency

More time at home has made many of us aware of our ecological footprint and the absolute need for more sustainable living. It’s not a new trend, but shifts across products and industries are consistently and constantly trending towards making more and more greener choices, and windows are especially important for that.

Quality window manufacturers near you will have windows that feature good energy ratings. The extra benefit here is that homeowners can both limit heat loss and save money on their energy bills by focusing on sustainable window choices.

A close up image of a window

Bold Frames

Growing and growing, the trend around dark, bold accents is on the rise. Black window frames in a light and neutral-colored room are the number one choice, as the pair really compliment each other and make each stand out. This makes the frames themselves part of the decor, rather than blended in with the same or similar shades as the walls or covered up by some dressy window treatments.


While there’s more movement away from minimalism in other areas of the home, one where it remains is with windows. With so much more time at home and need the spaces multifunctional, many are choosing light window coverings or none at all. This trend works well with bold window frames, allowing them to be seen as intended. It also helps to let in lots of natural light and provide as much view as possible of the outdoors, something all of us need.

Getting Back to Nature

Going hand in hand with a minimalist look and sustainability, homeowners are looking to embrace nature both in and out of their homes. Study after study shows that time spent in nature is great for mental health and wellbeing, helping people to feel calmer, happier and more refreshed.

This is why so many people are seeking to bring this effect into their homes as much as possible. One way to achieve this is by bringing plants into the house, and another way is blending indoor and outdoor spaces as much as possible. This can mean large windows for added light, unobstructed windows for a better view and to feel more “in” nature, and bringing plants indoors.

Smart window

grayscale photography of 2-storey house

You have probably heard recently about the impending energy crisis that Americans will soon be facing if you reside in the United States. The United States energy consumption will rise by 33% for oil, 62.5% for natural gas, and 45.5% for electricity over the next 20 years. Additionally, there will not be enough energy to meet the demand for the next 20 years. As a result, consumers will pay more for electricity, natural gas, and oil as well as double glazed windows melbourne.

While most of the nation focuses on ways to expand its energy supply, certain experts have been developing innovative low-power technology. Smart Windows, not the Microsoft operating system, is one of these innovative technologies. Customers may easily block all or some light with this innovative window technology by turning a knob or pushing a button. This kind of light management may be able to reduce the price of heating, cooling, and lighting by billions of dollars.

Increasingly more people are using smart windows because of how much energy they can save. They can be set up to change their color according to the quantity of sunshine, which can aid in controlling a room’s temperature.

Integrated shading systems

Automated shading improves your decor while increasing privacy and controlling the environment.

By reducing heat absorption and glare with an automated shade mechanism, these windows have raised the standard for luxury.

Because they give users a practical means to regulate the quantity of light entering a room, integrated shading systems are growing in popularity. This may lessen the amount of energy required to control a room’s temperature.

Customizable options

Customizable options are growing in popularity as more individuals try to make their houses stand out from the crowd. This includes choices like unique sizes, forms, and materials, which can assist in fully individualizing a window.

Large format windows

white framed glass window during daytime

Because they let in more natural light, large-format windows are growing in popularity. Additionally, it can give a room a feeling of openness and space.