Top Tricks To Help You Choose The Best Family Vehicle

On average, Americans spend 18 days in their cars every year. Whether it is driving your toddler around to run errands, shuffling everyone to school every day, or hitting the road for an all American road trip, having the perfect car is essential for any mom out there. Before kids, car buyers might focus on budget, performance, and aesthetics. Fast forward to when you have begun to build your own little family, and considerations like kid’s safety features, storage, and reliability begin to take the front stage when you are trying to choose the best car for your family. The good news is, the market is now flooded with vehicle options that are perfect for any family – big or small. To wade your way through the increasing mountain of family-friendly cars, here are three simple rules that can help every mom.

Think Must Haves, Wants And Would Be Nice Features

With so many vehicle models on the market, it can easily get overwhelming. To help you, make a list of features you are looking for before heading to a dealership. Begin with essential features for your family car like airbags, remote keyless entry, and parking cameras. Other family-friendly features like ample storage space and backseat extras like cupholders and sunshades are also helpful amenities for families of all ages. Finally, make a note of any additional extras you think that maybe a nice touch (but can do without). For instance, a built-in refrigerator could come in useful for drinks on a long road trip but may also drive your car budget up.

The point of this list is to help you ascertain what you need from a family car- your family car essentials. While some features like safety ratings are standard inclusions, the other must-haves tend will depend on your family, your needs, the size of your family, and your budget. It also helps you negotiate when you do visit a dealership or approach second-hand sellers to buy a car.

Go By Trusted Ratings And Reviews From Industry Experts And Parents Alike

Another tip to help you choose a reliable and kid-friendly family car is to use industry and user ratings to guide you. As a mom, you want to ensure your vehicle has the best safety ratings so that you and your family are safe while driving. For instance, if you are looking to get a pickup or sport utility vehicle, reading online reviews can provide useful information on features of different models – such as the handling of the vehicle, fuel economy, and braking performance. You can also ask family and friends for personal recommendations.

Flexibility Features Are A Great Bonus

As a parent, you will be using your car for many things including errands, getting to work, and even soccer matches. With this in mind, you will want a family vehicle that adapts to your family’s changing needs. Also, you should think long term. A recent survey showed that Americans keep their cars for 12 years. As a mom, this often means getting a car that may allow the back seats to be folded down or shifted to accommodate car seats, pets, and anything bulky items. If you have an older child or teen and plan on teaching your teen to drive soon, you may want to consider a vehicle that would also translate well for their early driving adventures.

The perfect family car needs to be able to do it all – the soccer runs, grocery trips and your personal transport needs when the kids are not around. Think of your family dynamics when choosing the perfect family car. Narrowing down your family’s vehicle needs and wants makes it much easier to choose the perfect car to suit your family and the adventures that lie ahead.