Top Reasons Why Play-Based Learning Is Best

Most parents want their children to be a success once they have grown up. Of course, success can mean many things, from financial success to emotional success. In general, this includes ensuring your child has the best possible education and opportunities in life, as well as being socially adjusted.

Research shows it helps to start your child’s education early by using a reputable early learning centre, such as this early learning Croydon.

Many of these centres use a play-based approach to learning and encourage you to do the same at home. There are several reasons why this is the best approach.


Perhaps the most obvious reason is focus. Children generally have short attention spans because there are so many things going on and they have so much to learn. By allowing them to learn through play you will be making the most of their short attention span. Simply ensure every fun activity they do has an educational twist. For example, counting the blocks as they are stacked.

Creative Options

Playing is naturally more creative than simply listening to facts. However, the process of playing actually encourages children to look at the process of creating something instead of simply focusing on the product.

As a skill this is essential in life, being able to see the process means they can adapt to a variety of situations and are capable of making their own decisions to achieve the desired result. This approach helps children to find solutions to issues.

Development Of Social Skills

When children learn through play they need to interact with other children and the teachers. Traditional learner doesn’t require this as they simply listen. Interacting with others encourages social skills, such as sharing, leadership, and the confidence to state their own opinions.

These are all skills that are essential to life.

Learning To De-Stress

Stress is one of the biggest killers in the world. There are many potentially stressful situations that your child will face throughout life. Playing reduces stress and shows children there is a healthy way to relieve tension. When children do this they can apply the same techniques in adult life. In effect, learning through play can reduce the likelihood of stress-based illnesses in later life.

Understanding The World Around Them

Play-based learning means children interact with all the different things that surround them daily. This gives them a greater awareness of the world and other people. What they learn will help them to become thoughtful adults and it will ensure they the issues facing the planet and how they can do their part to help.

It sounds impressive but play-based learning really does make a difference to the way children view the world.

It’s Fun

Finally, you should always remember that they are children and playing is fun. Children grow up fast, allowing them to enjoy the time without responsibilities and simply play is a gift that every parent can make. Of course, the fact they are enjoying learning will help to motivate them to keep learning.