Top Games that your Kids will love to play

Games are the one thing that keeps kids occupied for a considerable amount of time. A good group game keeps a child away from mischiefs and helps him/her to grow and learn new things. Games be it indoor or outdoor teachers kid teamwork, leadership skills, many other qualities which helps them in the long run of life. Playing games increases the expertise of a child and improves his thinking and decision making power.  But of course, as a responsible parent, you must also be knowledgeable on what to do just in case your child was hurt while playing games. There are different types of games to involve your child’s energy in good and productive work. Here is a list of indoor games which will challenge the minds of the kids and boost their memory power.

Card games

Card games are very engaging for young budding minds. Card games are great fun at times when the kids get together with their grandparents playing rummy or hearts. UNO is the new card game which is quite popular among the new generation kids. Playing card games increases the ability of thinking of your child. Playing card games increases the intellect of children. There are different types of card games such as bridge, blackjack, poker, solitaire. All these games require expertise and practice from an early age makes the children equipt in playing card games.

Board games

Boss games can be played with anyone be it with friends or with family. Board games are a lot of fun when played with the family. These games help children to critically think and access the ability of their opponents. Word games build word power and vocabulary of a child in a light mood. It is a fun way of learning. Any board game brings a family together and helps in developing a better bonding of the family. Board games are a sheer delight for kids when they play it with their parents. It is one of the best ways of spending a lot of time with their parents and also learning at the same time.

Putt golf game

Putt golf game or putter ball game is like an indoor golf game. Golf Putting is a great pass time, you can put golf mats in the house itself. The aim of the game is to hit the golf ball into the hole of the mat. In the free space in your house put the golf yard game which engages the family for some good and healthy gaming hours. The game mainly checks and improves the aim. The golf mat is available easily which has holes where the golf ball has to be dropped.


Charades can be of many types be it a dumb charade on films or anything else. Charades is basically a test of acting skills, one acts out phrases, names of movies whereas the other has to guess the words based on the acting. In this game, nothing has to be spoken, the words or names of movies but only has to be acted out and guessed by seeing the actions of the other person. Great fun right!

Final words

Taking out some time from your busy schedule to spend with your children is a must. Especially for walking parents, they should invest some time for the children. Games can be a good way to spend time with children. It helps them to learn along with growing and having a special bond with their parents. On holidays or on days when your child can’t go out playing let’s arrange some great games at home. Indoor games help to boost up the energy of children and compel them to be competitive and creative.