Top Features that make the Toyota 86 a Great Sports Car

Toyota 86 is one of the world’s best sports cars and sleekest car models to drive. If you hit the road in this dream car, you will definitely cause many heads to turn for a second look. This stunning sports car is beautiful on the outside and too vigorous from the inside. Let us have a look at the top features that make the Toyota 86 an incredible sports car.

There are three exceptional trim levels of the Toyota 86, including the Special Edition TRD, the 86, and the GT. Each trim is offered in a variety of colors. Let us have a closer look at these:

Toyota 86 GT: This trim includes leather-heated front sport seats. It also sports a TFT multi-information DP of 4.3 inches. The climate zone is of automatic climate control, and the rear wing is matte-black with end plates that are color-keyed. With all these specifications, the Toyota 86 GT takes luxury cars to the next level.

Toyota TRD 86 Special Edition: this trim is perfect for an authentic sports car feel. If you are a lover of sports cars, the Toyota Special edition is the ideal car for you. This car includes alloy-wheels that are split-spoke. Additionally, the car’s rear, front, and underbody side spoilers are split-spoke as well. Its three-colored side body graphic makes the Toyota TRD 86 stand out from its counterparts. Last but not least, its high-performing features will make the driving-experience extraordinary.

Toyota 86: the fantastic Toyota 86 is available in seven striking colors, including Raven black, Neptune blue, and Ablaze red. The exhaust of this car is chrome-tipped; whereas, the sporty steering wheel includes audio controls. The suspension of this Toyota is sport-tuned, as are the paddle shifters.

Three Features that make the Toyota 86 the Best Sports Car

1. Performance

A great sports car has much to offer besides the adrenaline rush and thrill. Due to its fantastic features, the Toyota 86 includes an exceptional boxer engine (2.0 liter). This powerful engine makes you feel as if you are on a race track. The vehicle stability control of the Toyota 86 is unique in its own way since it is available in a full-off mode. With the full-off mode turned on, you will gain 100% control of your car, and you will love this experience.

2. Sleek Interior

The sleek and sporty features of the Toyota 86 provide you with the necessary support for taking thrilling turns with maximum stability and control. The deep seats keep you in place while you race your sports car. The steering wheel of the Toyota 86 is enveloped in premium leather and fits your hands well. The rear-seat can be folded if required to suit your needs.

3. Smart Features

A wide variety of smart active features of this sports car will be another reason for you to love it. For instance, its Hill Start Assist control system provides the Toyota 86 with stability while moving on an incline. The six airbags offer extra protection and ensure that minimal damage occurs due to a car collision. For Toyota 86 headlights, please click here.