Top 8 Gift Ideas For Active Kids

Children are indeed adorable little bundles of energy and joy. There will be days when your tiny tots have so much energy that it seems unlimited. Sometimes, you’ll wonder how they can still have the power to continuously play after hours and hours of running and jumping around.

In a recent scientific study, it was found that kids have higher energy levels than adult endurance athletes, with the latter experiencing fatigue faster than the young ones. Tiring out your kid is genuinely challenging, and often frustrating.

To consume these immense amounts of energy, active kids are recommended to play with other children outdoors. Now that the holiday and gift-shopping season has started, energy-burning toys are must-buys for your little tots. You can easily find lots of options for 2 year old toys.  For bigger boys, there are other options like lifetime basketball hoop.

To help you identify what to include in your shopping list, here are 8 gift ideas you can give to active kids. Also, find out where you can avail of the best birthday party obstacle course that will surely add hype to your kid’s party!

1. Trampoline

Toddlers and older children will surely love this all-time favorite. Who doesn’t like to jump and bounce around? A trampoline is an excellent toy for kids to burn their energy. Aside from that, it promotes socialization among children as they interact while doing tricks on the toy.

There are trampolines made especially for toddlers that come with bars they can hold on to. If you want something that your kids can use for a long time, invest in a 12ft trampoline that has more space and durability. Check out the best kid’s trampolines​​​​​​​ you can order online here.

Buying this for your little one is more than worth the money spent because it’s a toy that is fun for all ages. You can even join in, too!  Check here to See the range of trampolines available.

How Trampolines Started Its Jumpy History

One of the great benefits of a trampoline is it sets the whole body into motion. This will help ton every part of your body, including your legs, thighs, arms, and hips, and even reduce belly fat. Not only that, but trampolines pump out tons of positive hormones and compounds like adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. Equally important is a healthy lymphatic system. It keeps the body hydrated and filters toxins which is helpful for the immune system. Plus, kids love it! 

With the many benefits a trampoline offers, how it became one of the most-loved for-health equipment? When 16-year-old George Nissen of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, visited the circus in 1930, a thought popped into the young gymnast’s mind. He watched the aerialists fall from the high seat of the circus tent and land with a soft bounce on the safety net below. A brilliant idea landed in his imagination. What if he creates a trap device that would allow a person to keep on bouncing? It took several years, and several prototypes failed, but Nissen was ultimately successful. His invention, called a “tumbling device,” was patented years ago on March 6, 1945. He later acquired the trademark “Trampoline.” The word came from “el trampolín”, which means diving board in Spanish. 

People realized the many benefits trampoline have to offer. It is easy and convenient to do for weight loss. Bouncing on a trampoline is considered moderate-to-intensity exercise, so it has the same physical results as sports (such as basketball or soccer), cycling, or running relatively fast. Nissen later received 44 patents, many related to tumbling devices, and helped create the gymnastic sport of trampoline, which combines acrobatics and jumping. He even witnessed how the trampoline became part of the Sydney 2000 Games, an Olympic event, and tested the trampoline at the 2008 Beijing Games. 

During World War II, attention began to be paid to the potential of trampolines. The military has adopted it as a training tool for pilots to realign themselves to their surroundings after difficult flight maneuvers. On trampolines, pilots perform pirouettes in the air to simulate combat situations. As the trampoline became popular, Nissen jumped up and took on the challenge. Recognized as an official sport by the International Gymnastics Federation in 1962, the inventor was part of his team USA, which won its first world title in the final against Great Britain. With the global obesity epidemic, many people are looking for fun ways to exercise to improve their health. Moreover, parents are constantly looking for immediate solutions for kids to take a break from their screen time, and a trampoline is one of the best solutions.

2. Hopper Ball

Just like a trampoline, a hopper ball gives your child the joy of bouncing wherever and whenever they want. It comes in different sizes, so choose one that’s appropriate for your child to avoid accidents.

This activity can improve your little one’s balance, and also burn their excess energy while still having fun.

3. 3-in-1 Swing and Slide

If your little one gets bored of his toys quickly, this toy is a perfect gift. Your kid can choose to play with a swing, slide, or a basketball hoop. Aside from having lots of fun, the swing set and slide promotes balance and coordination. While swinging, your child can relax too, even if it’s indoors.

You can introduce sports early by letting them play with the basketball hoop. Shooting balls into the ring can also improve their muscle growth. This toy is an excellent energy-burner whether your kid is alone or they’re with other youngsters.

4. Frisbee

Playing with frisbees is a great family activity, most especially if you have highly active kids. It enhances a child’s hand and eye coordination, as well as improving their endurance while running around in your backyard. This is a great gift to give if you want your kid to exercise at a young age.

5. Bike

Learning how to ride a bike is a milestone that every child wants to accomplish. Teaching your kids how to use a bicycle can improve their sense of balance and stamina, as well as develop muscle growth while pedaling. Your kid can start with bikes that have support wheels at the back to ensure safety if they’re still little.

While biking is proven to be a great exercise, it’s still recommended to prevent your kids from getting injuries by letting them use a helmet and kneepads. Aside from this, wooden climbing frames are also a good option for your kids that make your kids active.

6. Water Gun

If you want your kids to go outdoors and be away from their gadgets, water guns are the best toys they can receive. This is an activity that’s great for teaching leadership and support to your young tots.

It’s perfect for active kids as you can let them breathe fresh air outdoors while they laugh and play with water.

7. Step-and-Play Piano

Creativity is a quality that parents and adults should foster among their children. If your little one loves music and moving around, you can give them a step-and-play piano.

Your children can create different melodies by stepping on the piano mat. This can develop their coordination and motor skills, and enhance their brain health as well.

8. Dome Climber

Mostly seen in playgrounds, dome climbers can now be purchased in toy stores with different styles that can fit inside your home. Kids can hang, climb, and balance on the dome rails.

However, it’s only recommended for older children, and not for toddlers.

This toy lets active children experiment and explore, and is beneficial for the development of strong muscles and bones as well. Be sure to look after your kid whenever you let them play with a dome climber.


These are some of the toys that you can give as a gift to active kids. It’s essential to buy one that’s suitable for their age to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

Active kids are prone to these incidents, but it’s always best to look after your children’s safety before anything else. Nevertheless, let them explore and have tons of fun while playing with these energy-burning toys.