Top 8 Cities in Texas to Raise a Family

Parents have many responsibilities when it comes to raising children, and one of them is surely picking the right place to live. The environment plays a significant role in growing up, which is why all parents try their best to choose a place that will be safe and supportive for their little ones. Luckily, the state of Texas is big enough to provide you with plenty of family-friendly options, but that’s sometimes hard to pick the right one. This guide will help you narrow your options a bit and help you choose the next home for your loved ones. Here are the top 8 cities in Texas to raise a family.

What makes a place family-friendly?

There are several factors we took into account when making the list of best places in Texas to raise a family. These include safety, affordability, low-traffic neighborhoods with plenty of playgrounds and parks nearby, good schools in the area, and plenty of family-friendly amenities where everyone can enjoy their free time. The place you move to with your little ones needs to support their social, physical, and educational development, and also allow parents not to worry about their little ones’ safety. Family-friendly cities offer affordable housing, too, where families can enjoy spacious homes at a reasonable price. Even though these seem to be too many conditions, Texas has some great options that meet all the criteria.

What makes a place family-friendly

It’s not easy to pick a place where your little ones will have a great childhood.

Where to move to Texas? Best cities to raise a family in the Lone Star State

Texas may be known for amazing BBQ, football, and its size. Yet this amazing state hides some great places to raise a family, which attracts new residents from all over the country.

1. Amarillo

This is the 14th most populous city in the state, which makes it a perfect size to live there with your kids. Amarillo is a popular stop on Route 66 in Texas, but also has some of the best steaks in the state. When it comes to being family-friendly, this lovely city seems to tick all the boxes – safety, available attractions, quality schools, and more. A large portion of households is made up of families with kids, and the majority of residents haven’t changed their homes for a while.

2. Odessa

One of the main reasons why families pick Odessa as their new home is its affordability. Being a bit away from the big Texas cities, its residents enjoy affordable housing and living costs, as well as no income tax. The lifestyle of Odessa’s residents is a true representation of Texas culture – great food, football, and cowboys. Furthermore, the city’s population is constantly growing because of the great job opportunities and high-quality education.


Enjoy a true Lone Star culture in these great cities in Texas to raise a family.

3. New Braunfels

This charming place is growing to be a very popular place in Texas, and there are a couple of reasons for it. Firstly, parents are attracted to the variety of great job opportunities, and the proximity to Austin and San Antonio. Next, kids of New Braunfels have access to a high-quality school system, plenty of entertainment options, beautiful nature, and the overall safety of the place. Choose a suburban, safe life for your kids, but still be close to bigger cities and the opportunities they offer. New Braunfels is actually one of the top choices for people who want to swap busy city lifestyles when they start a family and move from Austin or San Antonio, and even Houston. Think you could use some peace and quiet? You can simply reach out to specialists and start making this relocation dream come true. Local moving specialists will make this transition easier, as that’s the kind of help you need when moving with kids.

4. Plano

A strong education system and easy connection to Dallas make Piano a great choice for families with kids. The reason why Plano is one of the great cities in Texas to raise the family is the right balance between suburban peace and the opportunities of the big city. You can have it all here.


Want to be close to Dallas but still enjoy slow-paced lifestyle? Choose Piano.

5. McKinney

One more amazing place that’s located right outside Dallas – McKinney is often rated as one of the best places to live in the country. Excellent schools, high safety levels, and affordability attract families from all around the USA. You’ll love taking a walk in its tree-lined downtown and having a family meal in one of the excellent restaurants in the area.

6. Frisco

This lovely Dallas suburb will be interesting for people looking for a job, as there are some major employers in the city. Even though this is not a big town, you can enjoy all the conveniences of a big city. Its population is about 190,000 and is constantly growing, especially with people coming from the center of Dallas. Families choose a slower pace of life here but still enjoy being a short ride away from the city. However, Evolution Moving experts recommend you don’t’ underestimate this rather local move. Even though you are not moving far away, you might still need a helping hand from an expert. Moving with kids can be very stressful, even though it’s just a ‘quick’ move away from the city.

7. The Woodlands, Houston

Houston is an amazing city, yet families with kids would choose a more suburban area. The Woodlands is the right place to do that. It’s often voted one of the best places to live, and this time we include it in the list of the best places in Texas to raise a family. It’s designed for people who want to settle down, with lots of family-friendly amenities. Plenty of schools, convenient location, and low crime rates are reasons that are enough to make this place your new home.

8. Coppell

This lovely city is located in the northwest part of Dallas County. People love its proximity to the DFW International Airport, overall safety, and multiple job opportunities. The suburban feel of the city and the ability to easily own a home makes this a popular choice among families with kids.

Have you made up your mind?

Indeed, Texas offers plenty of great cities to raise a family so it may be pretty hard to make the best choice. However, use this list and narrow it down considering your family’s needs, job requirements, and other personal factors.