Top 7 Benefits of Using Printables When Homeschooling Your Kids

The concept of homeschooling has existed for a very long time, solely because some parents are more comfortable to hand-pick a curriculum that meets their’s child’s needs and is in sync with the family’s overall goals. For some families, having the flexibility to monitor and assess their children’s learning programs is more important than those who choose the traditional method of schools.

Simply put, it’s a one-to-one tutoring approach that has its pros and cons. And this article will shed light on the ups of using printables for homeschooled kids.

Getting Started With Homeschooling Your Kids

For homeschooling parents, you must keep a few things in mind. Start researching homeschool rules and regulations in your state. Next, you must familiarise yourself with all the homeschooling approaches and curricula. Pick one that you feel is going to work for you. One mistake, many homeschool parents commit to a curriculum without trying it out first. Allow yourself to choose a few approaches and identify which method has the potential to enhance your child’s learning.

Lastly, figure out a schedule or a routine for homeschool lessons and strictly maintain it to improve the sense of discipline in your child.

1.  Don’t Burn Yourself Out

Are you the primary caregiver? If you answer yes, do you want to add the duties of a teacher to your “already-full basket”? Homeschooling is an exhausting job, but if you plan it properly, you may be able to dodge burning yourself out.

Here’s an idea to skip the mental load. Do not try to make the curriculum or the lesson planner from scratch. If you look on the web, you’ll come across many age-appropriate lesson planners, such as word search printable, and many other useful resources that are very easily available. You can also have it customized on a few homeschooling websites that are easy and do not require mental prep.

2. Let them Learn At Their Own Pace

It’s common for children to struggle with certain concepts when they are introduced to educational topics. On the contrary, many kids are advanced for their age and grasp things faster.

For those parents, it’s essential to provide the right educational guidance so they are not held back by the rest of the class – hence homeschooling. This one-to-one approach allows every single child to reach their learning potential to the fullest, at their own pace.

3. Extra Practice

Choosing to homeschool your kids means you have the freedom to pick their learning sheets or printables. This gives them the chance to practice as much as they need to in the convenience of their home.

Enriching their learning through homeschool printables has many benefits. One of them includes practicing more and more, boosting your child’s memory power. By using homeschooling printables, you can get them to focus on topics they need extra help with.

4. Safe Environment

Being homeschooled also means that your child is learning in a safe environment. Parents don’t have to worry about peer pressure, getting sick from other children, or bullies. They are at home and more relaxed in a familiar space which often helps them to learn better and faster.

Homeschooling is highly recommended for kids with ADHD, certain anxiety, or special needs. You do not want your child to go through an emotional breakdown when all they need is support and comfort. To be precise, when kids feel safe, they learn better.

5. Save money

Do you think having children will give you a run for your money? You may need to consider homeschooling to save money on their education. All you need to do is invest in purchasing homeschool printables, and that’s all. And the best thing about buying homeschool printables is that you can print as many sheets you like, allowing your child to practise for as long as they need.

6. Readily Available

Homeschool printables are easily available on many websites, and you can only print the ones you feel are suitable for your child. You don’t have to opt for a bundle package if it’s not required. If you have a printer at home, your job is easier, but if you don’t, we suggest you follow a weekly planner. Use your weekends to print them from an office supplies store near you.

7. Integrate monthly themes and holiday activities

The last one on our list is having the flexibility and freedom to homeschool according to your schedule. Kids surely enjoy learning through play; for busy parents, integrating themes and weekend activities is a life-saver. They will jump onto their worksheets and attempt to self-learn without your assistance. Incorporating themes into your educational curriculum is a genius idea to keep it fresh and exciting for early learners.

Stick to the same theme for math, language, academic writing lessons, arts and crafts, etc. After seeing their improvement, we bet you’ll never want to return to any other learning methods.


Honestly, we can go on and on about the benefits of using printables for homeschooling kids, and it’s a never-ending list. Although, many parents still believe that it’s essential to follow traditional ways of education, such as sending kids to a formal classroom based school. It’s debatable, as both have their share of pros and cons.

If you’ve first-hand experience in homeschooling your kids, we strongly encourage you to share your views with our readers in the comments section. Thanks for reading.