Top 6 Choices for a Child’s First Pet

Getting a pet for your child is a great idea for many reasons. They can help your kid develop a sense of responsibility and empathy. It is also a proven fact that pets can help their owners overcome or prevent anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and impulsive actions. Pets can help improve social skills and can encourage children to venture outside (if they own pets that are suitable for the outdoor environment, such as dogs). Since the process of choosing a suitable pet for your child can be quite baffling, we recommend choosing one of the following animals as your child’s first pet.

1. Hamsters

Hamsters are pets that are not difficult to care for. They can be tamed and are considered to be sociable and loving pets. They are fun to be around since they are quite playful. Its short life expectancy, which is around 2 or 3 years, can be a pro and a con. If you think that your child might get bored with looking after their pet, a hamster is not as much of a commitment and is a good option. However, if you believe that your child might get really attached, they will of course have to experience grief. You can use this as an advantage to teach your child about the concept of loss and death.

2. Lizards

Lizards are low-maintenance pets that your child might find very cool and interesting. Make sure that the type of lizard you choose is one that doesn’t grow to be quite large, as it may be very hard to contain them and look after them in the long run. The folks over at Reptile.Guide recommend reading up on the best pet lizards for newbies before bringing one home. Looking after lizards should not be hard since they are not messy and rarely come out of their tanks. Lizards can be very friendly as long as you handle them gently and with care.

3. Rabbits

Rabbits are very sociable and gentle, and that’s why they are very suitable for children. They can form very close bonds with their owners. Rabbits are easy to care for and require less work in comparison to cats or dogs since they don’t need to be vaccinated or go for walks. However, you do need to take them to the vet often. They can be litterbox trained as well, so you do not have to worry about constantly cleaning up after them.

4. Birds

Birds can be very fascinating pets. They can come in a variety of colors and are very intelligent creatures. It is said that birds can sense human emotions and respond to the human gaze. Looking after them is not a demanding task. They do not need much attention or interaction, though their constant sounds and movements will always make your child feel like they are always around company. They are also really fun to watch and to occasionally play with.

5. Dogs

Although dogs do require a lot of care and attention and looking after them can often be tedious, they really do make amazing pets for children. The bonds that dogs form with children are unbreakable. Dogs are not only very lovable and sociable, but they are really caring creatures by nature. They will always look out for your child and are always very quick to protect them from any potential harm. Since dogs do need to go for walks and are also very playful, they will encourage your child to be more physically active and go outside more often.

6. Cats

Cats are very delightful pets as well. They will keep your child’s company and can be very loving. Looking after them is not as demanding as looking after dogs. They do not need to go on walks and do not require much cleaning up after, other than clearing out the litter box. Cats clean up after themselves and will always let you know whenever they want your attention.

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should bring home a pet for your child, we highly recommend that you do so. Not only does having pets teach your child to be empathetic and responsible, but pets are also a wonderful addition to the family. They can bring your whole family together; the mutual love and care that all family members will develop towards them can be a shared point of interest that brings you closer together. Since it can be hard to choose a suitable pet for your child, we recommend choosing from the above six animals; these are some of the most family-friendly pets you can get.

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