Top 5 Ways to Improve Bathroom Ambiance

How’s the smell of your bathroom? You probably remember the last time you went inside this space in your house on your bathroom break minutes ago. What was the scent that lingered while you were inside? Whatever it was, I bet you want a nice-smelling bathroom from the moment you open the door until you leave that small space.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top five ways of achieving the previous statement above. Read on and find out how you can improve the smell and overall ambiance of your bathroom through five simple and effective steps.

Improve ventilation

Mold growth is one of the main causes of bad odors in the bathroom. Molds grow in damp and closed environments like the bathroom and basement, so you need proper ventilation to stop molds from growing.

Install a window, an exhaust fan, or an extractor fan in your bathroom to remedy the situation. Air can circulate from the bathroom space to the outdoors and back when a window is in place. Some homeowners install an exhaust fan in the bathroom to remove moisture and the foul smell. You can also place an extractor fan that sucks out bad odors and moist air from the bathroom.

You have three different options to choose from to improve ventilation inside your bathroom. They work magic in removing unpleasant bathroom odors. They are also effective in reducing moisture that promotes the mold growth inside your small space.

Apply anti-mold paint in the bathroom

In line with removing moisture to prevent mold growth, you can also use bathroom paints that are specially formulated to resist moisture in steamy environments. Some of these paints are mold-resistant too. They are formulated with ingredients that improve indoor air quality so that molds will not grow or survive.

Regularly-clean-your-bathroomRegularly clean your bathroom

It goes without saying that cleaning your bathroom regularly is a key component to maintaining a wonderful ambiance inside. Get into the habit of cleaning your bathroom at least once a week. Perform weekly cleaning jobs like cleansing the toilet bowl, mopping the bathroom floor, wiping the shelves and mirror, and sanitizing the sink.

If you need to hire plumbers to clear your bathroom drain when clogging happens, do so to address drain clogging with an in-depth solution. If your bathroom surfaces are clean, you’ll have better chances of having a wonderful ambiance. If you have a clogged drain and seeing these signs, then you should immediately ask for help from a pro.

Use dehumidifier to improve bathroom air quality

As mentioned above, bathrooms normally have high levels of humidity because of the amount of water that stays inside every day. Humidity levels inside must remain at 60% or lower to prevent mold from growing. However, it’s hard to main humidity level at this rate inside a small and closed bathroom.

One hack that we can advise that you do is to place a dehumidifier inside your bathroom. We’ve been talking about mold growth and the reason why it actively occurs inside the bathroom since the start of this article. High levels of humidity is the culprit, so it’s wise to address it by using an appliance that is designed to lower humidity levels in a room. By using a dehumidifier, you are lowering humidity levels, moisture, and chances of mold growth inside your bathroom. It also makes your bathroom an unpleasant place for bacteria to live in.

Use light paint colors, fixtures, and decorations

Finally, you can improve bathroom ambiance by enhancing the beauty in this small space of your home. Use light-colored paint for a relaxing mood. Pick bathroom fixtures and decorations that are soothing to the eye. Read bathroom design articles and watch videos for bathroom remodeling to get amazing tips on how to lighten the ambiance inside your bathroom.