Top 5 Things To Do When Preparing For Life With A Newborn

The news that a new life has been born in a woman’s body usuallycauses a storm of positive emotions. After all, this is somethingnew, incredible, long-awaited and warm. After nine months ofpregnancy, the mother will be able to cradle her littlehappiness.

Usually a woman expecting a baby wants to get as muchinformation as possible about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeedingand caring for the newborn. After all, mum wants to give her babymaximum care, custody and not to miss important moments in thebaby’s development.

It is necessary to start thinking about the health anddevelopment of the future little one before he or she is born: leada healthy lifestyle, balance the eating habits and so on.

Here are the top 5 important things to do when youpreparing for life with a newborn

1. Choosing an OB/GYN

Choosing the right obstetrician-gynecologist is very importantbecause the outcome of the pregnancy and the well-being of themother depends on it.

A good gynecologist must be attentive to every detail and treatyou with respect. The doctor must constantly follow innovations inmedicine, improve his qualifications, adhere to internationalprotocols, rules and standards.

Your acquaintances who already have children can help you withthe choice of a doctor, because positive reviews of the doctorinspire confidence.

It is also necessary to study and choose the most comfortabletype of childbirth for you: a partner delivery or a woman will givebirth alone. It is also important to discuss this with thegynecologist, as he should know about it in advance.

2. Checking your health insurance

Of course, every parent wonders how much the birthing processwill cost and how to pay for it.

First, you need to find out what your insurance plan covers and    whether it will cover the entire cost of childbirth.And then see how you can add your baby to your plan. After thefirst month of life, or even two months, the baby should be coveredby the mother’s health insurance.

3. Find a pediatrician

Today, you need to start taking care of your unborn child’shealth at the stage of pregnancy. Of course, if possible, youshould find a clinic near your home, because every child needs tobe examined by a doctor. When choosing a pediatrician, you shouldconsider the following points: experience, practice and, again,feedback from other mothers.

Do not hesitate to ask the doctor many questions, because yourchild deserves the best!

4. To gather the package of documents for the maternityhospital

The expectant mother must gather a package of documents: birthcertificate, passport, insurance policy, X-rays and contract withthe maternity hospital.

As for the rest of the items, mothers should take with thempersonal hygiene products, necessary clothing, a postpartumbandage, breast pads and a nipple fissure product. As for the baby,in spite of prejudices, parents should start buying baby products afew months before birth, making sure to make a list of the mostnecessary things.

5. Psychological preparation for pregnancy andbreastfeeding

In the third trimester of pregnancy a woman begins to preparefor the birth of her child by decorating the child’s room andbuying the necessary items for the baby. Psychological preparationis an important aspect of the child’s life.

The fundamental basis is attendance at the School for ExpectantParents, where all the most important issues are discussed and thewoman receives the necessary information about the future life ofthe baby. A comfortable emotional state contributes to an easyphysical and psychological course of pregnanc.

In addition, the mother-to-be should be focused onbreastfeeding. A woman should know the list of foods that promotelactation, inquire about breastfeeding positions and buy a breastpump for excess milk.

You should also pay attention to the practical aspects ofbreastfeeding. There are cases when a woman cannot breastfeed orhas complicated medical problems that prevent her frombreastfeeding naturally.  Then it is necessary to consider amilk formula balanced with necessary vitamins, minerals andmicronutrients.

Here are the most important things for expectant mothers toconsider

The main thing is not to think about the pain you willexperience during childbirth, but to think about the happiness andjoy you will experience when you first hold your baby in your arms,smell him or her, and realize that motherhood is the greatest joyin a woman’s life.

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