Top 5 Reasons to Use Plexiglas Sheets for Windows

When you speak of window screening, the most obvious thing that might come to your mind is a thick panelled conventional glass sheeting. 

Standard glass has been the only material used extensively since the time immemorial for glazing windows. However, over time, few alternatives came out, and amongst these, specifically, polycarbonate and acrylic sheeting gained immense popularity and are now common substitutes for glazing. However, here the question arises: why would anyone want to go with the Plexiglas sheet, instead of conventional glass? There are quite a few explanations for this; let us take you through the five most relevant ones. 

A Budget-friendly option

If you are a price-conscious entrepreneur or customer, you will be pleased to learn that plexiglass glazing is a cost-effective alternative that you may use in place of standard glass. 

Polymers such as acrylic panels require lesser power and resources to manufacture and are quite lightweight in comparison to glass- Because of the weight, their shipping costs happen to be on the lower side too. The overall price benefit of the commodity depends on the quality of acrylic sheets you purchase, as there are several options to consider such as standard transparent acrylic sheeting, colourful acrylic panels, acrylic reflective sheeting, Lucite board, etc. to name a few.

In addition, a Plexiglas sheet does not require you to invest extra on purchasing lacquers and films, since a polymer panel can be brought where these characteristics are already in-built. Some of these advanced options include impact-modified acrylic sheet, Ultraviolet-filtering plexiglass, Ultraviolet-transmitting plexiglass and more. 

Strong and safe: Shatter resistant

There are a multitude of reasons why you might want to install exceptional strength windows— it could either be due to a tornado-prone area you live, the presence of big dogs in your property, or the constant fear of thieves breaking in. Acrylic plastic sheets are known to carry a whopping 17 times more strength in comparison to the conventional glass to withstand any impact. Also, when you are using polymer-based glazing for your window panes, you are no longer concerned about hurting anyone if a panel were to fall.  You can also consider options like Evowrap as well.

Plexiglas screening is, although incredibly hard to fracture, it can still break. However, unlike standard glass, it won’t shatter into a million small and dangerous fragments that can injure someone grievously. 

Better Light Transmission

The lack of annoying glare and reflections is one of the many explanations why high-quality acrylic plastic sheets are preferred extensively over the conventional glass options. The unmatched clarity and transparency of the Plexiglas sheeting help the light to pass through more than 90 percent of the time, rendering it more clear appearance than the regular glass. 

The glass reflects more light, and the darker it is, the more discolouration you’ll see. However, irrespective of the density of the Plexiglas, it is still incredibly transparent.

When you look at all the strengths of acrylic sheeting for window installations over the conventional glass, it makes perfect sense why designers have been using the Plexiglas sheet for many years now. It, however, does not mean that traditional glass days are almost over, but undoubtedly plexiglass is a more superior, durable and flexible alternative that we currently have.

Versatile colour options 

Although there are many distinct benefits, the simplicity of using the acrylic sheet strongly links with its capacity to be used creatively. First of all, a polymer sheeting is slightly easier to slice in comparison to glass. It is even possible to cut acrylic sheets much like you cut the timber while using similar equipment such as a drill, grading tool, or a table saw. Apart from that, a Plexiglass sheet weighs around half of what glass one does, thus making it much quicker to push, slice, and mount. Since it can be cut easily and is relatively lightweight compared to conventional glass, acrylic sheeting is suitable for use when creating an accent window.  Check out Cut My Plastic correx sheets in different colors, sizes, and thicknesses.

Because of the above characteristics, a Plexiglas sheet is even easier to colour. You can procure these in several shades and style options to give a futuristic and vibrant look to your dwelling space. As a consumer, you have the choice to go with the tinted sheeting, or you may also opt for a frosted style if you intend to keep the privacy of your interiors intact. For partial clarity, translucent window glazing in various impressive shades is also available to give a try. 

Apart from conventional acrylic panel colour options, fluorescent and black & white shaded polymer window sheeting are particularly in vogue.   

Protect UV Rays 

Another USP of a Plexiglas sheet is that in some special sheets, ultraviolet rays protection is in-built. So, you no longer need to invest in lacquers or films to protect your windows from sun damage. Ultraviolet-filtering plexiglass would do that single-handedly for you.