Top 4 Most Essential Accessories For Motorcycle Riders

Being a motorcycle rider could be cool but it most definitely isn’t the easiest. Well, it could be easy only when you follow all the rules, especially when it comes to the protective garments to wear. This is because a motorcycle is nothing like a car. 

It is not as comfortable, and sometimes not as safe as vehicles. If anything, they are more like bikes, with engines, in some way. And that is why safety should always come first for motorcycle riders, no matter what. 

On that note, there are some essential components of motorcycle riding that enhance safety for riders. These are a necessity as they not only enhance safety on the road but also bring about the confidence and comfort of being a rider. They include;


This is the number one safety accessories all motorcycle riders should have while on the road, always. However, there are many types of helmets, worn for different purposes and different machines. Different people also have different needs and they have to find accessories that particularly meet their requirements.

That said, there is no one-size-fits-all type of helmet or one helmet that’s best for everyone. Here is what to look for, when you visit website for more info on helmet options;

  • Size and comfort

Different people need different fits of helmet size. And this is also one of the number one thing to look for when buying a helmet. While you could be looking for the nicest, cheapest, or/ and the best-looking helmet, nothing is more important than the right size fit, and comfort. 

Basically, you will always find helmets in 3 head-shape configurations; long oval, round oval, and intermediate oval. You first need to know the shape of your head’s crown, and then purchase the most comfortable and best-fitting.

  • Safety

This should probably have been number one on this list. The primary reason for wearing a helmet while on the road is for safety purposes. This includes protecting your head from accidents that may happen as well as harsh weather like strong winds, keep hair away from your face, give you a good view of the road, and more.

  • Features and Style

Different riders have different styles and feature requirements. Always go for the helmet with adequate ventilation to control heatstroke, while riding in traffic, under hot weather. The type of straps is also important to pay attention to. As for style, different riders have different styles. This includes different colors, graphics, and more.

  • Graphics Kits

At first glance, a graphics kit may not seem absolutely essential to riding, but in reality they can help you be more visible to other drivers. This can help you prevent serious accident, so you may want to look for assistance from Senge Graphics in order to get a graphics kit that fits your style, your bike and any other of your needs.


Cycling gloves are also as important as the whole riding experience; without them, it is never the same. They provide comfort and protection and are therefore essential. They come in different styles and features but when you visit website for more to determine your options, remember comfort, safety, and quality come first. 

Determine how heavy and bulky or light you need. Make sure they are nicely padded and made with strong and highly reinforced fabric micromesh, across your palms and between your thumbs, for comfort and protection.

Armored Jacket

While not so many riders pay attention to this, an armored jacket should also almost be at the top of the list. It is always one of the cool and fancy looking pieces of motorcycle accessories but it does way more than that; it is essential to protect certain parts of your body like your shoulders and elbows in case of an accident. 

Palm Sliders

These are also great accessories if you are a frequent motorcycle rider. They are essential to put your palms out when falls, slips, and trips happen. They come in different materials and features.

Leather palm sliders are one of the most popular and most recommended ones. They look good, feel good, and are also of high quality that will serve you well and for a longer period.