Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

What exactly is the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day? If you’re flat out of ideas, here are ten ways to celebrate that she will be sure to remember!

Surprise Her with Flowers

It’s practically traditional to surprise mom with flowers! Thankfully, flowers don’t always need to be wrapped up in a bouquet when surprising your mom with flowers. You can find some places that can make lovely flower arrangements that are a total step up from your traditional bouquet. Or, if your mom isn’t too big on floral displays and is more of a minimalist, you can always opt to give her a single flower to show your love!

Give a Great Gift Basket

What if mom had a bunch of her favourite goodies in one place? Well, you’re in luck! You can very well do that by giving your mom a Mother’s Day gift basket! A gift basket gives you the freedom to stuff it to the brim with her favourite treats and snacks, along with other things like self-care items and even more personalised little gifts. Consider it a better version of stuffing her stocking for Christmas, except it’s Mother’s Day focused. Plus, if you’re unable to see your mom, you can always have a gift basket delivered straight to her door, so you can still celebrate Mother’s Day despite the distance!

Take Her Out to Eat

There is a reason why brunch is considered a staple for Mother’s Day. Not only are there specials that day (such as the infamous brunch mimosas), but you can bet your mom will get the best service too! However, if your mom isn’t too big on brunch, you can always opt to take her out to her favourite restaurant and treat her to it. By taking her to her favourite place to eat, you two get to share a meal, but you also enjoy each other’s company. Essentially, you can guarantee that she will be satisfied, which makes for a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Have a Spa Day

Mom works hard without needing any thanks in return. Show your love and gratitude to her this Mother’s Day by taking her out to the spa! With everything that she does, she deserves a break and some TLC. Going to the spa makes for great bonding time with mom, but mom can expect to be pampered beyond belief. You can bet that a day at the spa will be greatly appreciated, especially being given a massage – which might be just what she needed!

Plan a Getaway

Do you want to go on an adventure with mom? Mother’s Day might be the best time to surprise her with an impromptu trip! It doesn’t mean you need to fly overseas (though that would be lovely). You can plan a staycation in a fancy hotel or even a bigger city nearby. If your mom isn’t into vacations like that, you can choose to go camping together or even stay at a cabin to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature fully. It would be hard to pass up a getaway together, making for a memorable Mother’s Day!


Compile a Personalised Playlist

Is your mom more sentimental and has a love for music? Then consider compiling a personalised playlist for her! You would be surprised to find numerous songs out there dedicated to moms. However, the playlist’s theme doesn’t need to be exclusively about motherhood. If you know your mom’s music tastes well, you can compile all her favourite songs in one playlist. Taking the time to curate songs for her showcases the thought and care you put into making the best playlist for her. You can bet she will be listening to those songs long past Mother’s Day is over!

Get Active Together

If your mom likes to get moving, then you should too! Try to go for an activity that she enjoys the most. Is she more zen-like? Then do a yoga session together! Or does she prefer to enjoy nature while being active? A good idea would then be to take her on a beautiful scenic hike! The options are practically limitless when you and your mom choose to stay active together for Mother’s Day.

Take a Fun Class

Taking a class to celebrate Mother’s Day is a great way for you and your mom to learn something together. Is your mom more on the artist side? You can always take her to pottery class! Another fun class you two can take would be one that combines multiple things, like learning how to paint something while drinking wine. Or, if you and your mom want to eat something from a class, consider signing up for a cooking or baking class! It’ll be a fun way to explore new recipes and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Go on a Shopping Spree

You can’t go wrong with a good old shopping spree. Plus, if you weren’t sure what to get her for Mother’s Day, a shopping spree would certainly make up for it by treating her to it! The two of you can hit up her favourite stores and even venture to stores that she’s always wanted to go in but were beyond her price range. If you spot her on a fancy gift, you can ensure she will be satisfied with her present and her Mother’s Day as a whole!

Have a Movie Marathon

A bit strapped on cash? Just spend time with your mom by popping in some movies together! You can make it a cosy evening together by preparing her favourite snacks and movies. It’s a relaxing and cost-effective way of celebrating Mother’s Day. If your mom isn’t feeling movies, you can always marathon her favourite television show as another great alternative!

Mother’s Day happens only once a year, yet there are so many ways you can celebrate it. Hopefully, you found a way of celebrating Mother’s Day that she will enjoy and cherish within this list!