Top 10 Most Popular Small Dog Breeds

Although small in size there are a lot of advantages that comes with being a parent to small dogs.

Even if they are small breed of dogs they can offer lots of joy, loyalty, and companionship.

Advantages of Having a Small Pet Dog

a girl with a small pet dog

Though it is important to make sure your little furry friend has the right dog food to succeed at all stages of life, having a small dog entails won’t require nearly as much food to keep them healthy and happy. Therefore small dogs don’t need to eat that much.

Smaller Dogs Tend to Live Longer

As much as we want our furry friends to live forever, that’s sadly not the case. Some dog breeds tend to live longer than others. In general, small dog breed have longer lifespans than their bigger brethren. If you want a few more good years to spend with your best friend, a smaller dog may be the right match for your family.

Smaller Dogs maybe allow in more places

Planes aren’t the only places that may place size limits on dogs. There are also some situations where bigger breeds are off limits.

If you live – or plan to live – in an apartment, a condo, or somewhere else with a landlord or a homeowner’s association, there may be certain rules as to what pets are allowed on premises. Such an arrangement may include a weight limit, which means that you may have a better chance finding a new place with a small breed dog.

Less to Clean and Groom

Simply there’s less fur to groom or wash with a smaller canine companion. Not only does this mean that your cleaning sessions are much shorter, it’s also a lot easier to find a good spot to give your furry friend a bath.

A small dog may fit in a deep sink or a stationary tub, which can make bath time – and the following cleanup – a lot more convenient than dealing with a separate tub and a big dog.

Small dogs offer a whole bunch of cuddle potential in a tight space.

You’ve got more space on the couch or chair if they decide to lay with you and there’s more leg room at the end of your bed if your furry friend sleeps with you at night.

And it is easier to cuddle when there’s not nearly as much weight laying on you if your best friend is a small dog.

Small breed dogs are much easier to move around

Smaller dogs can fit in small spaces in your car when you take a trip – some breeds can even fit in a handbag if necessary. In fact, some pet-friendly airlines allow dog in the cabin if they’re small enough, which gives you more options to travel with your fur buddy.

Top 10 Most Popular Small Dog Breed

Here at we compiled a cute list of 10 most popular small dog breed.

Small dogs are easier to own, bathe, walk, feed, and care, so choose your pick.

French Bulldog

french bulldog

The playful and adaptable French Bulldog are extremely popular in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco due to their friendly personalities and the fact that they don’t require too much exercise.

On the list of the small dog breeds, this fur buddy is perhaps one of the biggest. These dogs can reach almost 30 pounds.

French Bulldog is the fourth most popular dog breed in the United States (followed by the Bulldog, Poodle, and Beagle).

These dogs are excellent companions, happy with all family members, and they can also make surprisingly good watchdog.


a white havanese

Well-known for their good nature and ability to get along well in social environments.

Perfect city dogs, although they can adapt to any type of living environment. These dogs are generally good watchdogs and desire attention, so they’ll want you to have time to spend with them.

National dog of Cuba and the only dog native to the country. These dogs were bred as lapdog companions for Cuban aristocrats.

Such easygoing small dogs, it’s no wonder they’re so popular.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

a cavalier king Charles spaniel


The Cavalier is named after King Charles I of Britain – this small dog breed was one of his favorites.

One of the most versatile small breeds. These dogs are excellent companion dogs, great for families, great in cities, in apartments, and in a wide variety of situations.

Cavaliers are sweet, affectionate, and loving. This small dog is a mix of a classic toy breed and a traditional spaniel – they’re active and fun.


cute chihuahua in pink background

One of the oldest dog breeds in the Americas – their ancestors dating back to the Toltecs in Mexico around 1,000 years ago.-

Chihuahuas are fun, playful, and loyal little dogs.

They are energetic and very affectionate. In spite of this, Chihuahuas don’t need a ton of exercise.

Travel well and have a long lifespan, which means they are companions you can truly bond with.

One of the smallest of the small dog breeds, usually falls around six pounds


portrait photo of an adult black pug

A small dog with a big dog personality, Pugs are excellent house companions. These dogs can excel in an apartment or a house, city or country.

Pugs are wonderful small dog breeds for families because they love children. Pugs are not only smart and observant, but they’re also friendly and playful. They are also precious with their seemingly tucked in mouths and smooshed noses.

These dogs are fun-loving, curious, and even a little mischievous.

Boston Terrier

a boston terrier

Fun small dog to own because of their quirky expressions and too cute black and white markings.

They’re popular because they are intelligent, charming, and loyal.

They make exemplary watch dogs and are easy to train. Because of their energy and versatility, Boston Terriers are a very popular small dog breed.


a pomeranian  pet dog

Pomeranians are small and delicate dogs and they’re good pets. They’re loyal and have a lot of spunk, which goes well with their beautiful, floppy hair styles.

One of the most popular small dog breeds, as well as one of the most popular toy dog breeds. These foxy faces are adored by dog owners around the U.S. (and the world) and despite their size, they do give off a big dog presence.

Shih Tzu

white and brown shih tzu sitting on the floor

They are soft and affectionate with big, round pleading eyes and long, shaggy hair, Shih Tzus are too cute and cuddly for their own good.

They are very social and trusting as well, so they are great for families or for people with friends and frequents guests.

They also love attention, which means they’re excellent companions.

The Shih Tzu has a tiny face and bright eyes that have charmed people for generations—and continue to do so.


white maltese dog

Maltese dogs consistently top “most popular” small dog breed lists because of being tiny and fluffy.

They’re known for being smart and easy to train and are friendly with strangers, children, and other animals (they’re very peaceful).

Further, they don’t shed much, which makes them a great choice for those who suffer with allergies.


a white poodle

The Poodle consistently ranks as one of the most popular breeds in the United State because they are active, smart, and proud.

These dogs are loved by many, and both the Miniature and the Toy variety can fit the small dog breed definition.

Great family dogs, they can live in the city, suburbs, or countryside, and are generally excellent companions.

These are very smart dogs who love activities despite their size.