Top 10 Kid Friendly Cat Breeds

Owning a pet cat can bring unconditional love and companionship to its owner. Having a feline friend can also help relieve stress and improve heart health. And it can create an extremely rewarding relationship especially with children.

Cat is a domestic species of small carnivorous mammal. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and is often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish it from the wild members of the family.

 A mom who’s allowing her kid to own a pet cat should look for gentle, laidback, and playful fur friend that will teach kids patience and responsibility.

Why choose Cat as Pets?

a boy playing with his pet cat

Cats are quiet and if noise levels are a concern in your living situation, cats are a great choice of pet.

Cats are low maintenance pet compared to dogs. They don’t require formal training, they don’t need to be taken out multiple times a day, and they’re even able to take care of basic self-cleaning.

Cats are easy to house-train, one of the biggest challenges dog owners need to overcome is the process of house-training a new puppy. Kittens, on the other hand, usually know how to use the litter box as soon as you bring them home. All you need to do is show them where it is, and they’ll instinctively use it. 

And they keep your house pest-free.

Facts About Cats!

brown short coated cat

-Cats can jump up to 6 times their height, cats are really good jumpers and can jump really high. They can often be seen on the top of a garden fence or on a really high wall. They have very strong muscles in their legs which catapults them into the air

-They have a total of 18 toes. Cats have 5 toes on each of their front paws. They then have four toes on their back paws.

-There are over 500 million pet cats. There are lots of cats across the world as they are one of the most popular pets to have. In the UK, 51% of adults own a cat.

-Cats sleep for around 13 to 16 hours a day (70% of their life). They do this to save their energy. In the wild they would be saving their energy to go and hunt for their food. House cats obviously don’t need to do this but it just comes naturally to them.

-1 year of a cats life equals to 15 years of a humans live. Cats age much faster than humans and live for a shorter amount of time. This means that when a cat is 1 year old, that actually equals to 15 human years.

-One of the largest domestic cat breeds is a Maine Coon. The Maine Coon is one of the largest domestic cat breeds there is. In fact, the Guinness World Records gave Barivel, a Maine Coon, the award for being the longest domestic cat ever. Barivel is 120cm long and lives in Italy.

-The smallest cat breed is a Singapura. It originates from Singapore. They are around half the size of a normal house cat.

-Purring means a cat is content. Most of the time a cat will purr when it is happy and content. This is mostly when it is getting a nice stroke from its owner. They use their purr as a way of communication.

-A cat can run up to 30mph. Cats are very speedy. They can run up to 30mph. 

-The oldest cat was 38 years old. The oldest recorded living cat lived up to 38 years old. He was called Creme Puff. Most domestic cats live for around 16 – 17 years.

Top 10 Kid Friendly Cat Breeds

Here in we compiled the Top 10 Kid Friendly Cat Breeds for moms to choose for their kids. One of the key things any family needs to take into account when considering getting a pet is whether or not the animal is kid friendly.

american short hair cat

American Shorthair-one of the most popular picks, American shorthair are laidback and easygoing, these sturdy feline are built for family life. Are low-maintenance and tend to get along well with anyone, human or pet; they also usually live long, healthy lives.

a birman cat

Birman- are cats of many colors, active and playful but will quiet down when their human companion is busy. This blue eyed beauty are known for having more of a chirp-like voice than a meow when they do speak up.

a ragdoll

Ragdoll- These cats, who tend to be fairly large and have bright blue eyes, are loved for their habits of collapsing into the arms of the person holding them, just like a ragdoll. This laidback breed truly enjoys human companionship, and they’ll often greet their humans at the door and follow him or her around the home. Smart and playful, ragdoll cats are content to curl up at your side.

close-up shot of a maine coon lying down

Maine Coon- have hearts of gold. They have to be around people but are not overly dependent. These gentle giants are relaxed and laid back they get along well with children and even other pets. Even if these fur friends become old they retain their kitten-like personalities.

abyssinian breed cat

Abyssinian- This gorgeous breed is intelligent, athletic, and affectionate towards humans. They thrive on human attention, especially in the form of grooming and petting. Abyssinians are very friendly to kids and dogs as they match their energy, but generally, they tend to get jealous of other cats.

a manx cat

Manx- They have the independent qualities of cats but are loyal, warm and playful like dogs. The Manx meow unusually sounds like a trill. This laid-back, unruffled cat makes a good pet for children and takes an interest in what you’re doing. You will likely hear their padded paws following you around the house.

Some Manx have also been known to play fetch and enjoy the water. But their similarities to dogs don’t end there. Manx are so protective they might growl or attack a dog or a person they suspect is a threat to their family.

european female burmese

European Burmese- of medium size, with a rounded head, expressive eyes, and a sweet expression presents a totally distinctive cat who is comparable to no other breed.

Are amusing, playful, and super-smart, the perfect interactive cats for the home —or any place people are in need of love and amusement. Devoted, loving cats, Burmese are often loyal and people-oriented.

Burmese seem to never grow up; they are as entertaining at 16 weeks as they are at 16 years.

a himalayan cat

Himalayan- A cross between the Siamese and Persia, are known to have the best characteristics of both breeds. These cats are sweet and playful by nature and are no strangers to warm laps. With their entrancing appearances (round faces, blue eyes, pouty mouths, and snub noses) and delightful temperaments, Himalayans are a frequent family pick.

a Cornish rex cat

Cornish Rex- to fetch balls and toys, enjoys the company of other pets, and is typically not a couch potato. The breed has a reputation for racing about, often performing acrobatics when very excited.

An adventurous breed, often finding unusual nooks and crannies to explore, such as the washing machine or refrigerator. It is easily adaptable to new situations and is known to get along well with shy or timid children.

siamese cat

Siamese Cats- These shorthaired, blue-eyed breed are one of the most sociable of all felines—and one of the most popular.

Intelligent, highly social and they enjoy interaction with children and other animals, particularly dogs.

This active and playful breed seeks out companionship from human counterparts, whether that entails sitting laps or being in bed with their owners. 

Because of their attention-seeking personalities, they are often compared to dogs since they tend to follow their owners around.

They can tirelessly converse with you all day and are known for being the most vocal cats.